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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I received a report from a reader (Nick) that he is having issues with his AppInstaller after installing iUnlock. Essentially, he could not install and uninstall applications on his iPhone after using iUnlock. So, thinking this through, it made sense that this would not work. AppInstaller pushes a customized version of the Firmware to your iPhone. iUnlock modifies some of the firmware as well, I believe. So, logically, the two cannot work together in harmony (yet). As a test, Nick reinstalled the and, as I expected, his unlock was overwritten. He can now install and uninstall applications but his phone is locked back to AT&T.

I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too! The post where the discussion on this is here.

HTD Says: Be careful with any mods you make on your iPhone as they may not really like each other.

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I recently helped a friend work through and some issues he was having with Outlook 2007. They were some strange, yet common problems, namely:

  • Not being able to view emails within the Preview Pane
  • Constant crashing of Outlook
  • A slower than normal refresh of things

My understanding is that this is actually a fairly common issue just from viewing a Google search on the topic. I saw all sorts of different solutions but decided to try something that has worked with other Outlook issues in the past. While this may or may not work for you, it is worth the effort as you go through any type of troubleshooting. Also, it seems there is a different issue floating around related to HTML emails in Outlook 2007 due to the new rendering engine the product has. (One write-up of that is here.) That may be another issue altogether.

So, what I have written up here is what I recommended to resolve and also note that many of these steps can be used on Outlook 2003. The funning thing is, it also helped ME resolve an issue that I was having with Windows Desktop Search (version 3.01) which runs on Windows XP (built in on Vista). The issue that I was having was that every time I searched for something in the Windows Desktop Search, I was getting ZERO results for email. Doing what I mention below FIXES THIS!

  1. Windows Update — Make sure that you first run Windows/Microsoft Update to ensure that your Outlook is up to date.
  2. Repair/Diagnose — Do a “Repair” on your Outlook 2003/2007. In 2003, go to the HELP menu and select DETECT AND REPAIR. In 2007, go to the HELP menu and select OFFICE DIAGNOSTICS. Each of these will run through a check of your Office install and could potentially fix issues that you are having. The results could vary so be sure to read through the recommendations/results carefully. In the case that I was working on, it didn’t produce anything notable.
  3. Check Results — test out your Outlook after running these two steps. Don’t forget the tried and true step of rebooting periodically. It is amazing what a little reboot now and again can do. (Sidenote: I read a great tagline the other day…”To solve Windows problems, reboot; to solve Linux problems, be root” Funny!)
  4. Create a new Mail Profile — if you are on this step, I’m assuming that you have already worked through the first 3 and have not had any luck. This is where the “fix” probably comes in to play. There have been quite a few instances where creating a new Mail Profile will solve issues that you are having. This has worked for me a few times and with others when I was helping them on their computers. Here is how you create a new Profile: [click to continue…]