January 2, 2008 - HighTechDad

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just a quick post for all of you iPhone fans. It’s the start of 2008 and there is, I predict, a lot in store for the iPhone. We will see the release of the iPhone SDK which is a definite. Also, there have been reports (from Gear Live) of a new firmware coming out (more about that in a bit).

Google Maps Updated

But first, here are some other things that I think will happen within the 1st Quarter of 2008 (maybe spilling to the 2nd):

  • Apple will start releasing 3rd party apps via iTunes
  • iTunes will let you “rent” movies which means that you will be able to play on your iPhone for a limited amount of plays/time
  • iTunes will be updated to support 3rd party application eCommerce
  • Apple will start a rigorous program to certify applications
  • iTunes will sync Notes (and Tasks?) with the Apple Mail app and possibly with Exchange
  • The Exchange synching will be dramatically updated to support more functionality (e.g., Calendaring/Tasks/Notes)
  • A new iPhone model will be release for 3G networks
  • …”and one more thing…” will be announced at MacWorld (probably new firmware/features?)

Before firmware 1.1.2 launches, I figured that I would do a quick roundup of some apps that I’m using that I like (yes, these are 3rd party apps and yes, they will be blown away by the new firmware coming out, and YES, all of the jailbreaking developers will be scrambling to break into the new firmware). Here is what I currently have installed (with a quick roundup as well). On my iPhone, these are always in a state of flux but here goes:

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