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Friday, January 4, 2008

Updated (again) @ 5:15pm – finally arrived at Lafayette. On the platform were several BART police and handcuffed were 3 individuals who were being questioned. As I exited BART, I saw 5 police cars (with 1 more arriving). I guess it was pretty significant. Here is a surreal iPhone snap of one of the cars (just for some color). The police were out in force around the station as well. As I was driving down the road, there were 2 more police cars that had pulled over people. Nice to be home!

BART police

Updated @ 5:00pm – guess I spoke too soon. As soon as I got to Orinda, they stopped the train and said that they were holding trains duree to “a police activity” at Lafayette station (MY station). Wonder what that is all about. THEN, the train operator came back on and said that he had to power down the train to “restart it” to resolve a break issues (oh great!). The “reboot” didn’t help so he did a walk through of the train to investigate. We are now moving. I just want to go home!!!!

On BART ride home, I had interesting experience. First, I was checking the BART status using their new wireless web page. There are actually two good services: Status Update and Estimated Arrival Times. All of these are available at http://www.bart.gov/wireless. The updates said there were delays up to 45 minutes.


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