October 6, 2009 - HighTechDad

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So I’m now pretty deep into this Sony “DigiDads” program (see the Sony Electronics Community site for more details). My kids are already used to watching the big BRAVIA in my oldest daughter’s room, I have been using the HD Camcorder for a few of my recent product reviews as well as filming some of my middle daughter’s gymnastics meets, and I use the Sony VAIO pretty regularly to watch TV via my SlingBox HD (the HD screen just looks fantastic!).

It’s too bad that my family and I are getting so attached to this great Sony gear, because I don’t want to give it back, but we are required to do so. The next project that Sony wanted us to work on was something called the “100 Faces of Summer” which transformed into “100 Faces of Fall” because we were already behind on getting out our content. Such is life I guess, deadlines looming and being passed, work piling up and simply too much to do.

As I cracked the whip over my own head, I struggled to come up with a storyline for this particular project. Since the day we got the Sony A330 DSLR, I started snapping pictures, knowing that I had to take “100 Faces of Summer”. Later, I received the Cyber-Shot DSC-TX1 which I thought was going to be just a simple point-and-shoot. I was a bit more than that (which I will go into later).


The problem with the “100 Faces” project was that is was a bit too personal. Sure, I can easily take a 100+ photos, upload them to Flickr, tag them, showcase them and call it a day. But those photos are only important to me, my family, my friends and the people in the pictures. So, instead of uploading a bunch of pictures that mean absolutely nothing to you (the readers of my blog), I thought that I would come at this a bit differently and use the photos to create other artwork.

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