Win My Baby: 1st Steps for Wii & DS – HighTechDad’s Gift-a-Day Giveaway (Day 4)

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For Day 4 of the HighTechDad Gift-A-Day Giveaway, we are back to video games. But this one is a bit different than Bakugan (the Day 1 gift). Think raising a family and those wonderful first 3 years. I have gone through that 3 times so I know it well. Each child is different in real life…in this game, you get to make the choice yourself or have the game do it for you. The game is called My Baby: First Steps. Here is a bit more info:

Hdr_MyBaby-FirstStepsMy Baby First Steps follows last year’s blockbuster Nintendo DS hits My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy. It gives aspiring parents the exciting task of teaching and nurturing their baby as it grows to become a walking, talking toddler. Players will teach their baby how to recognize and name shapes and body parts, feed themselves, climb stairs and more. Just like the first game, the baby will need lots of interaction and affection and will need to be fed, changed, bathed and gently put to sleep at night.

My Baby First Steps features all new customization options. Players can determine their baby’s appearance and sex, or let the game surprise them. Taking trips to the mall allows players to buy new clothing and accessories for their baby and for their home!

My Baby First Steps is available now for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ for a suggested retail price of $29.99. It is rated E for everyone; for more information visit

Some more features as articulated by SouthPeak Games (developer) include:

  • Your baby looks more lifelike than ever with brand new 3D animations and reactions
  • Make sure that your baby has the latest trends with even more items; customize your furniture, clothes, and hair just to name a few…
  • With a new and improved AI your baby will react as if they were in the room with you
  • Innovative gameplay that is based on stylus, touch pad, voice recognition, and the microphone – not a compilation of mini-games
  • Interact with your baby whenever you want and experience real baby-like reactions
  • Watch your baby grow from both a physical and psychological point of view

So I’m giving out both DS and Wii versions for this giveaway. A couple of the gameplay screenshots from each platform:

mybaby1ststeps1 mybaby1ststeps2

To Enter this Gift Giveaway, all that you have to do is the following easy items:

  1. Enter a comment below on why you want to get this gift (let’s have some GOOD comments!)
  2. Make sure your comment has either your Twitter account or an email account so that I can notify you if you are a winner. If you leave a Twitter account, be sure to follow me so that I can DM you.
  3. Tweet out a link to this page with something like the following “Win a My Baby: 1st Step for Wii/DS! Leave a comment on @HighTechDad’s blog on why you want to win: Please RT!” –> CLICK HERE to launch Twitter with this message prepopulated.
  4. If there are 30 or more comments logged, a winner will be chosen.
  5. Since this game is playable only in the United States, this particular giveaway is only available for US shipment
  6. WINNERS will be announced the DAY AFTER each giveaway in the morning (Pacific Time).
  7. Comments must be logged for each day by midnight that day (Pacific Time).
  8. You can only win once!

Be sure to get the word out there!

WINNER: Congrats to Natalia who won this giveaway!

HTD says: More family game fun!

My Baby First Steps – Nintendo Wii

Manufacturer: South Peak Interactive
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Genre: adventure_games

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