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Monday, December 14, 2009

I HAVE DECLARED THIS GIVEAWAY NULL AND VOID DUE TO A VARIETY OF ISSUES. My full disclosure about my decision to do this is here. I thank all of the entrants, the people who voted legitimately and HP and their PR firm for giving me this opportunity. It is unfortunate that it had to end this way.

It’s been an exciting week with a lot of great entries for my HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway. Both HP, their PR firm and I were thoroughly impressed with the entries (even though there were not too many – quality over quantity, right?). For all of those who took the time to enter, I want to personally thank you all! I realize that time is scarce during the holidays so any time you did take to enter and promote the giveaway was definitely appreciated. But now comes the fun part. I have conferred with HP and their PR firm and have come up with 10 FINALISTS! But before I announce those, I feel that I have to make yet another tiny plug for the HP TouchSmart 600. The funny thing was, I was watching CSI: New York over the weekend and notice the HP TouchSmart in their crime lab. Pretty nice product placement if you ask me! I encourage you to read more about the HP TouchSmart 600.


There are 3 sections to this post: the Finalist List, the Finalist Entries and the Voting Module. This is not very scientific and the winner will be based on Popular Vote. I will simply be relying on a WordPress plugin for the voting. It should work ok and prevent multiple entries from the same person. There are ways around this obviously so if I detect any fraud taking place by any particular finalist, that user will be eliminated from the voting. So let’s keep thing fair and honest!

Voting will be open from when this post hits the blogosphere until Thursday December 17th at NOON (Pacific Time). The entrant with the most votes wins. That’s it! [click to continue…]

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