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  • http://twitter.com/youngwildmild Locked Out

    I have the same problem. I’m locked out on twitter and its been three or four weeks ago. Can you help me to have my account again?.. I always asking for new password but the resend password link always says: We’ve temporarily locked your ability to reset passwords. Please chillax for a few, then try again. What should I do with this? Please help me.. Thanks in advance. username @iamVHonj

  • @kompormen

    Thanks.. This is very helpful.. :)

  • joebeimon

    I have been locked out for weeks now and I have emailed support and used all caps even. Still no response from Twitter…. I wish there was just some simple way…. I sent a tweet out that said WahWahWah and have been locked out ever since… no way…. to tweet, or to even tweet them over at support. I get no email from them even though they say that is how to get unlocked….just request a password change. MY password works fine and I can log in, but a banner comes over the top of the page w this info, but I cannot tweet or do anything else like follow a new person or retweet anything….. any ideas anyone?

  • lensman1122

    Exactly the same problem as @joebeimon:disqus – Different computers, two days… no change. Twitter’s HELP pages are freakin’ USELESS and just lead you round in circles. I do remember getting one of those warning emails from Twitter telling me to change my password but these days we get so many damn PHISHING emails just like that and are told NOT to click on them that I simply went to my account logged in fine and deleted the email! Now, days later I’m locked out – I can log in fine but cannot Tweet since the system says I might be a robot trying to Spam people!!! And, same again, if I try and get a password reset I am simply sent back to my homepage and get no email!! Really, for a multi-freakin’ million dollar company you SUCK ass Twitter!! …. Now, let’s see if I can log in to Twitter to send this post… Ah, and I see that it did, but under an old Twitter account that I no longer use!

  • Nathan Forester

    I just experienced this recently except they locked me out due to
    violating the rules or some crap and they want me to verify it’s me
    using my mobile phone number…which I don’t have because I don’t have a
    mobile phone.

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