• http://twitter.com/youngwildmild Locked Out

    I have the same problem. I’m locked out on twitter and its been three or four weeks ago. Can you help me to have my account again?.. I always asking for new password but the resend password link always says: We’ve temporarily locked your ability to reset passwords. Please chillax for a few, then try again. What should I do with this? Please help me.. Thanks in advance. username @iamVHonj

  • @kompormen

    Thanks.. This is very helpful.. :)

  • joebeimon

    I have been locked out for weeks now and I have emailed support and used all caps even. Still no response from Twitter…. I wish there was just some simple way…. I sent a tweet out that said WahWahWah and have been locked out ever since… no way…. to tweet, or to even tweet them over at support. I get no email from them even though they say that is how to get unlocked….just request a password change. MY password works fine and I can log in, but a banner comes over the top of the page w this info, but I cannot tweet or do anything else like follow a new person or retweet anything….. any ideas anyone?

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