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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being a parent of 3 daughters, I well remember the “terrible two’s“. Well, another child that many people play with daily has hit that milestone, the iTunes App Store. As Apple blows out the candles, I thought it important to recognize this event, especially as we move towards the “thirsty three’s“.

From Terrible Two

The iTunes App Store is just starting to assert itself and throw some tantrums in the process. Recently, there have been some malicious developers who are managing to “hack” into some iTunes users’ accounts and charge for other apps. But, it is showing some progress as well. There are huge amounts of developers and applications and now with iAds as a new “toy”, some of those developers are reaping the benefits of the new year.

This next year will be the “thirsty 3’s” in my opinion, as Apple (and developers) work to quench their thirst for (even more) revenue through Application sales, iBooks, and iAds. But, as a parent, I know that the tantrums don’t stop after the two’s…they go on for many more years, so let’s be ready for a few more “time outs” in the process!

“Welcome to the terrible twos: Happy 2nd Birthday, App Store!”

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