August 12, 2010 - HighTechDad

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quite a variety of topics in the latest Cast of Dads podcast #29, “Dude Ranches & Snoop Doggs“, wouldn’t you say? Well I had just gotten back from a week with the family up at a dude ranch and I shared my thoughts about that type of family vacation.


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As always, our podcast ranges from serious discussion to bouts of straight-up comedy. In this episode, I particularly enjoyed hearing Brad talking about his latest cooking endeavors. His recipes always make my mouth water. Did CC’s daughter “fall of the wagon” (from a vegetarian standpoint)? How are Max and his wife surviving WITHOUT KIDS? And what witty comment will Jeff bless us with in this episode? You have to listen to the podcast to find out!

Oh and as for me, you can see and hear how I spent a lot of my “time off.” The picture below shows my usual seat during quite a bit of my vacation. While you can’t see it very well, I did bring my laptop up to the ranch because my “owie” prevented me from partaking in the horseback riding. Oh well, I always have to have my tech with me wherever I go.

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