Lice, Facial & Chest Hair, Rockets and Halloween – Cast of Dads Episode #34

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So I guess that CC Chapman finally hit puberty on this episode of Cast of Dads. We are not exactly sure what happened, whether it was the Skype “bugs” at work, the fact that Halloween is just around the corner or if CC just has an alter ego that came out when we recorded Episode #34 “Itchy Scratchy Hasselhoff“, but regardless, this recording is quite, er, amusing to say the least. (Apologies up front if the audio is a bit “off”.) Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series …

The Next Generation of Home Alarm Systems – & APX Alarms

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When you first move into a house, one thing that you should first consider is a home alarm system. Often, various companies will have special deals for new homeowners and you should definitely consider having one installed if you have the opportunity. Typically, the “special” you will get is for a base system and then some additional monitoring points like doors and windows and perhaps a motion detector. But, if you are like me, you usually won’t add to the system once it is installed. The problem is, and this is one facing many homeowners, is that your system is …

Get Beyond those Home Video Style Webcams & Move to HD with the Microsoft LifeCam HD Cinema

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Let’s face it, when you buy a laptop, you don’t usually think about the built-in webcam. But if you look at many of the laptops out there, you will see that the built-in webcams are dramatically underpowered and are pretty much like using a really old camcorder to do video calls or webcam-related actions. Many netbooks, for example, come with measly 1.x – 3 megapixel webcams. These are great for regular video conferencing. But when you really want to get detailed, and have some fun in the process, you might want to look at the Microsoft LifeCam HD Cinema.

How Car Window Tinting Is Done – A Great After-Market Upgrade

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Getting a new car is always fun. I personally love that new car smell that comes with your purchase. And making your car more “yours” is always important. Many people will cover their cars with bumper stickers or other types of customization. Some are purely aesthetic while others not only look good but also provide an additional function like safety or the preservation of your car. Any many of these upgrades can be done days or even years after your purchase. As part of my car buying series (see here and here), I’m focusing on how consumers can save money …

Ok, I Bought A New Car, Now What? But First, A Little More About The Buying Process

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A few weeks ago our 2001 Honda Odyssey died. The transmission on our 10 year old family shuttle that had “only” 130,000 miles conked out, for the second time. It had served us really well until the last year or so, and then it had developed an expensive habit of relentlessly having to visit the repair shop every few months. My wife and I finally agreed that it was time to move on. I decided to try something different in my shopping for a new car. I wanted to make it a bit more transparent and even social. I wrote …

Calculating Speeds of Objects On The Go with Pocket Radar

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A few months ago I received a really cool and pretty useful gadget. About the size of a cell phone or a compact camera, the Pocket Radar is a nice gadget to throw in your bag, especially if your kids are in sports, or learning about physics. The Pocket Radar allows you to quickly and easily determine the speed of objects or people, all by pointing at the object or person and clicking a big red button. When you think about it, having the ability to get the speed of any object can be quite useful and informational. The most …

An Interview with Ford: Understanding Safety Advances in Ford Vehicles & the Ford Focus 2012

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Recently, I have been very focused on the car industry lately as I have been shopping for a new car. One of the primary items that made me want to consider a new (or newer) car as opposed to and older model is the advancement of safety features that many manufacturers have made. While many car brands have worked hard at creating and testing a variety of safety technologies, Ford might be one of the leaders of the pack. With initiatives going as far back as 1957 around air bags, Ford has definitely been doing it for a long time. …

Cougars, Cars, Dirty Diapers, Fighting & Shooting Pool with a Rope – Cast of Dads Podcast #33

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You gotta love unscripted recordings. And how we are all at the beck & call of technology. During our live podcast, Skype decided to act like a misbehaving child and refused to let us talk. But we worked through this and just kept going with a fairly “loaded” series of topics. The result is Cast of Dads Podcast #33 “State Fairs & Skype Burps“. Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.