October 5, 2010 - HighTechDad

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My iPhone sucks! Well, it doesn’t actually suck in general, it sucks power like a sponge does water. Of course, I have practically every service running (e.g., location, push notifications, etc.) as well as 9 email accounts (a few of those with set to Push delivery), all fetching data every 15 minutes. I surf the web, check Twitter, read my RSS feeds, stream video, play music and podcasts and a whole lot of other things that would normally bring my iPhone to its knees from a power consumption standpoint. If I don’t charge my iPhone, by 4 pm, I’m usually at about 20% battery life and my iPhone is screaming at me to plug it in to get juiced up. Now, I have a back up plan, I just push a little button on my Exogear Exolife Battery Case and my iPhone 4 starts gulping down the power it needs. Within an hour, it is almost fully charged and ready for more rigorous activity.


When I had my iPhone 3GS, I was faced with the same issues. I had resorted to an external battery pack (by an Exogear competitor, Mophie, who I have ask for a sample of THEIR iPhone 4 battery case to do a head-to-head comparison…those samples are hard to come by). Finally though, I had to actually physically replace the battery on my iPhone 3GS as even with the Mophie, I couldn’t survive very long (and my iPhone was crashing due to power issues). The iPhone 4 seems to have a better battery in my opinion than the iPhone 3GS, or perhaps just having a new battery helps. But, I knew that I would be getting into a similar situation of having my power dry up at a rapid rate, so I figured I needed to be prepared for those days where I was away from a power source. It turns out, those days are every day.

I received my Exolife case about a month ago and I have been using it daily. For those on the road or heavy power consumers like me, I don’t know how you could live without one. There are so many important features to consider, briefly:

  • it’s a protective case
  • it eliminates interference
  • you get almost double the usage on your iPhone
  • syncing with your iPhone is just as easy if not easier
  • it’s smart enough to turn off when not in use or not needed

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