November 1, 2011 - HighTechDad

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post image for Growing a Mustache in November for #Movember (Or in my case – Facial Hair) – Men’s Cancer Awareness

Facial hair has not really been my big thing. I have sported a goatee a while back and even a “soul patch” but I always ended up shaving it off to the cheers of my wife, parents and even my kids. But for the month of November, I’m getting scruffy again but this time for a cause – to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. I have joined a team over at Movember, a site that is evangelizing and organizing this growing movement, and I hope that you will contribute your support in this effort.

We start the month clean shaven. And then, let our Mo’s grow. Unfortunately, I look incredibly silly with just a mustache, so I’m going to try the goatee thing again. Here’s where I’m starting:


And who knows where I will end up! [click to continue…]