A Quest for the Holidays – The 2012 Nissan Quest

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I sit in a darkened cafe. About a block away, packs of people are streaming into the San Francisco Opera House as part of a holiday tradition that goes back decades. Dressed up with kids in tow, they are off to see the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker. I have seen the Nutcracker ever since I was a small child. It was an event that symbolized the holidays for me. Now, it has a different meaning altogether for me, and this year, there has been a car that has really made the difference for me and my family – the 2012 …

Ultra Giveaway! Win an Ultrabook from Some #UltrabookDads!

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet since I have already written a bit about Ultrabooks and I’m going to be talking about them more in the coming weeks. So let’s cut to the chase…Jeff Sass (who is a partner in crime on the Cast of Dads podcast as well as a fellow Intel Advisor) and I have been testing out a new line of Windows laptop, specifically, Ultrabooks. Well, the time has come to announce a QUICK but GREAT giveaway, courtesy of Intel, who are the thought leaders behind the Ultrabook concept. There is now a page that lists …

I’ve Become an Ultrabook Dad!

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I’m a dad who loves gadgets. That’s part of the reason why I have this site is so that I can share this love and hopefully provide insights and understanding into the complex world of consumer electronics. While I normally go by the nom de plume of “HighTechDad”, I have a new name that I’m going to assign to myself – “UltrabookDad“. Over the next couple of weeks, Jeff Sass and I, are going to be diving into the world of Ultrabooks. What Are Ultrabooks?

Ice for Xmas, Kid Failure, Modern Holiday Songs, Santa Believer, Holiday Spam List, 12 Gifts Not to Give & More from Babble.com

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As I mentioned earlier, I’m now doing a daily article on Babble.com’s new “Dadding” site. Since I feel that there is actually some of my better humorous content over there, I thought it would make sense to share the content with my HighTechDad readers. I’m going to start these regular weekly recaps with a full monthly summary of all of my posts. From here forward, it will most likely just be a weekly recap. Below is a list from newest to oldest. If there are any that you particularly like, let me know and be sure to share them on …

The Tech Upgrade Trickle-Down Effect, Getting the Gadget Gifts You Want, 4G or Not & other Content from Man of the House

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As I mentioned in my last article, I have started doing some writing for Man of the House (MotH), a “real man’s magazine”. While I don’t have a regular schedule of when content is pushed to the site, I wanted to do a post that summarizes my first articles there. Moving forward, I will periodically have some more updates on content over there. Do you want to learn more about Man of the House? Take a look at their About page.

Expanding my Content Wings – Writing for Man of the House & Babble

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You may of noticed that there’s been a slight slowdown in content on HighTechDad.com. This isn’t because I haven’t been writing, quite to the contrary. It’s actually because I’ve been spreading my wings a bit and now I’m writing on a couple of other sites. I love writing, the hardest thing is finding the time and topics to do so. On HighTechDad, I am very backlogged on my reviews and other articles. Now, on two other sites, I’m “forced” to follow a bit more of an editorial calendar than I impose on my own site. I don’t get paid to …

Training Wheels without Training Wheels – The Gyrowheel

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I’m a bit of a slacker daddy. My kids seemed to be the only ones on the block who were last to learn how to ride their bikes. Chalk it up to me either being a bit lazy or them being extremely busy with a bunch of other activities (ballet, gymnastics, piano, acting, dance and oh yeah, school). Regardless of the reasons, they never really got on those two wheels to ride. Two of the three do know how to ride a bike without training wheels but my youngest, who’s 7, still is wobbly having only had 1 experience during …