April 18, 2012 - HighTechDad

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Post image for CEO & Co-Founder, Brad Jefferson, Discusses Animoto & Lets Out a Mother’s Day Secret in this Exclusive Interview

Animoto was created to complement the emergence of rich media and video within the consumer marketplace. Back when it was founded in 2005, consumers didn’t have smart phones nor HD camcorder and high video production quality was something to envied, only coming from studios. When Animoto brought their product to market, it was revolutionary.


Started by a bunch of friends, the idea behind Animoto was to bring life to static photos through the use of complex blends, transitions and music integration, the end result being a media rich experience in the form of a short movie. Since day 1, Animoto wanted to make this rich media creation as simple as possible and it really hasn’t deviated from its original course at all. Now with over 4 million users (200,000 in the last month alone), it has the ability to product HD videos from over 30 templates, launched an iPhone application that allows for photos and video imports directly on the iOS device, and has increased its integration partners to now include the popular Instagram service.

I spent some time with CEO and Co-Founder, Brad Jefferson, to get a bit more details on their company, where it came from, how to use it, and where it is going.


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