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Drowning out the Noise – iHome iB50 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Someday, some creative inventor will design some noise canceling headphones that removes office conversations or screaming kids completely. Until then, we will have to survive with noise canceling headphone that simply remove droning background noise that happen in airplanes or on trains. I don’t travel much, so I wasn’t able to test this out on a plane, but I do sit in an open office environment where there is lots of noise, so when I got a pair of iHome iB50 Noise Canceling Headphones, I was pretty excited to test them out. The premise behind headphones that cancel out ambient …

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Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead Vacuum – Review & Dog Does Unboxing Video

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I was going to be very cliché and have the title of this review of the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead cordless vacuum be…”this vacuum sucks” or “yet another sucky vacuum from Dyson” but I figured that has probably been overplayed and over used. And anyway, we all know that Dyson vacuums are known for the vacuum power, even as the dirt collection canister fills up…the “sucking power” still remains strong. But what happens when you couple that Dyson power with battery power? Is the vacuum still strong enough? Read on to learn more. There are a couple of things …

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Evolving & Revolving the iPad’s Usefulness – iGear iPad Flip Turn Case Review

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We all know how useful Apple’s iPad Air is. It’s great at work, in the home and on the go. So is it possible to extend the iPad’s utilitarian and multi-use functionality? Of course. One way is to get a case that builds in additional functions. Last year, I talked about iGear’s Flip Turn Case and Keyboard for the iPad Mini, and now I got my hands on its “big brother,” the one that iGear designed specifically for the iPad Air. In many ways, the iGear case and Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad Air is practically identical to the one …

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CDW is NOT a Warehouse, It’s a Services Company & Review of HP Elite Display e231

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A few weeks ago, I was invited on a “red carpet” tour of CDW  The funny thing is, I have always thought of CDW as a catalog and warehouse company. It turns out, my idea was a bit off. Sure, they do have online and print “catalogues” but that was so 90’s. They are transforming more into a services company. And I got a behind the scenes look at how the operation has evolved. Oh, and as part of my tour, I received an HP Elite Display e231 monitor – you can see the review below as well. Located in …

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Review & Giveaway: Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat (RTH9580)

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A little over a year ago, I installed a Honeywell WiFi Thermostat in my home, replacing one of those traditional, “dumb” thermostats that typically comes with a furnace or air conditioner. It was great being able to not only remotely connect to my home’s heating and cooling to turn it on and off, but also using the smart heating and cooling configurations, I was able to set a temperature and a time I wanted the temperature to be at and know that by the scheduled time, the temperature would be at the proper setting. Fast forward about a year, and …

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How To Install a New Hard Drive & Battery into a 2010 MacBook Pro

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There comes a day in the life of every laptop when it simply isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. This day came to my 2010 MacBook Pro recently when I looked to see that it only had about 18 GB of hard drive space left and the battery was only able to hold a charge for about an hour and a half. There are many things that you can do to breath a bit of extra life into your laptop. You can add more RAM which always provides additional help. You can delete files to free up hard …

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Want to Dump your Smartphone Bill? Review of Scratch Wireless for Free Voice and Data Services

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Many people have smartphones and even more have cellular phones, but most of us are locked into lengthy contracts in order to get data and voice services. A relatively new company launched in October of 2013, Scratch Wireless aims to provide smartphone services to those who don’t want contracts, but who also want to minimize the amount they pay, ad hoc, for voice and data. In fact, you could potentially never have a mobile bill, even for text and voice. Scratch Wireless’s business proposition is simple, you buy a particular, pre-configured smartphone from them, sign up for an account, and start …

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iGear Unlimited Flip Turn Case & Keyboard: Make your iPad Mini a Mini Computer

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I always recommend getting a case for your tablet or smartphone. It’s important to protect your investment. Sometimes, however, a case can go beyond  providing simple protection, it can give utility as well. The iGear Unlimited has a very useful protective case that actually has multiple functions, starting with a Bluetooth keyboard. The iGear Unlimited Flip Turn Case is designed to hold an iPad Mini or Mini 2 with Retina. You simply snap the iPad mini into the top case which holds it firmly in place.