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innerexile glacier iPhone 6 Plus Case Protects & “Heals”

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As with any technology investment, you want to protect that investment. When it comes to the quite expensive Apple iPhone, this is no exception. You must get a protective case. It is most likely a better investment than protection insurance, I feel. A case is not only protective, it can be quite personal. But sometimes, you just want to show the product within the case, and that’s why I liked the innerexile glacier, which not only is a clear, protective case, the company claims that the plastic is “self healing.”

HTD innerexile glacier in package

The plastic used in the innerexile glacier case is resistant to light scratching. I have been using the case for a couple of weeks now and just leave it in my pocket with coins and keys. As of this writing, I cannot see any scratches on the case itself. According to innerexile, the case “heals” itself and can withstand scratches from a 1000g bronze brush.

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Mother’s Day “Digital Tip” – Get Her an Adonit Stylus

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If your Mom or mother figure in your life is a bit tech savvy, is an artist, likes the tradition of using a pencil or pen, or even has an iPad, you may want to consider getting her an Adonit stylus for Mother’s Day. (Heck, you may even want to pick up one for yourself, if you match any of the previous criteria). While it’s true that the iPad launched and still is stylus-free, and even Steve Jobs reportedly was against having a stylus with the iPad, there are enough use cases and a good number of artists, designers and ordinary people like us to warrant the re-birth of the stylus.

HTD Adonit Stylus

Personally, I’m more of a finger-paint-on-my-iPad kind of guy. My drawing talent is worthy of being pinned up on the refrigerator next to pre-school work, and even then, it would blend right in. My wife, on the other hand, likes the feel of using a pen, even if just for clicking items on the iPad screen. And my oldest, 16 year old, daughter actually has quite the knack for digital artistry. Everybody has their own comfort level and usage style, and Adonit has a stylus to accommodate that.

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Enter HighTechDad & Logitech’s “Working” Mom #MothersDay #Giveaway!

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, this is the time you think about Mom and that motherly figure in your life. Logitech came up with a creative campaign to capture four  types of Moms: Fashionista, Working, Athletic and Connected. Obviously there are many more types. And there are plenty of Moms I know who span multiple types. Regardless, if you are looking to celebrate your Mom or the mom-figure in your life, I have a Giveaway for you!

Logitech has provided me with a set of products that they believe match the “Working” mom persona. And, I’m doing a quick Giveaway that will allow the lucky winner to get this set of products just in time for Mother’s Day 2015. Here’s what the set looks like!

HTD & Logitech Mother's Day Giveaway

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Mother’s Day or Any Day: HyperShop Pearl Compact USB Rechargeable Battery Pack is a Winner

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for the woman (mom, wife, sister or girl friend) in your life? Do they carry a cell phone, tablet, or eBook reader? What about a compact mirror? Well, the folks over at HyperShop have come up with a product that I feel could be a winner. They have combined a compact mirror with a 3000 mAh battery (that’s a pretty good capacity – able to charge your smart phone at least once). The result? A stylish compact mirror that has an LED ring backlight, a normal mirror and a 3x (magnifying) mirror, AND a USB battery that can charge up your devices. I wasn’t sure how big of a bang this would be until I let my family play around with it (4 women – 3 daughters and my wife). Read on to find out what I and they think about the HyperShop Pearl.

HTD HyperShop Pearl - 3 stacked

The HyperShop Pearl was originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign (which was then moved over to Indiegogo). On Indiegogo, it raised over $87,000 in backing with over 1700 funders contributing to the campaign. The campaign was 778% funded in January 2015.

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How to Fix: Apple Pro Video Formats Version 2.0.1 Looping & Repeating Update Prompts [UPDATED]

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Apple’s App Store update works great…until it doesn’t. Over the past week, I have repeatedly received software update prompts for the Apple Pro Video Formats Version 2.0.1 from MAS (Mac App Store), and each time, I installed the update. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, the update never completely happened and I repeatedly was asked to install it. The fix is pretty easy to do, actually, and is outlined below.

Apple Pro Video Formats Version 2.0.1 - looping updates

Does your App Store update tab look like mine? Yes, I installed. And installed again. And every time that I checked for updates, the Apple Pro Video Formats Version 2.0.1 update kept re-appearing. Here is how to fix it, and yes, I tested it myself.

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What’s Old is New Again – Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera Review

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When I was a child, I remember when my family got a Polaroid SX-70. Launched in 1972, it was revolutionary and ground-breaking – the fact that you could take a picture and within seconds, have a “print out” of the photo in your hands. Even today, you can find photographers using the SX-70. But smartphones and digital cameras overtook the popularity of the instant camera. Suddenly people were snapping photos, storing them, and then printing them out on their printers at home. But these types of instant cameras are coming back in style. Fujifilm introduced a line of cameras that mirror the functionality of instantly printable photos. But it’s the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 that caught my attention for one main reason: it was a blending of the “old” and the “new.”

HTD Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 has a classic look but is filled with modern technology. The thing about smartphones and digital cameras is that you can literally take hundreds of photos and choose the best one. And, you can manipulate them using filters and other digital controls. With a single-shot, instant camera like the Instax Mini 90, you simply don’t have that. And that is part of the attraction of amateur and young photographers. You have to frame and compose the photo first in your mind, and then do the same through the viewfinder. Once you push the shutter button, that’s it. There is no going back to “fix” it or change it in any way. And, unlike digital photos, you can only share the photo with one person and that sharing is physical. No copies, not posting to social media (unless you take a digital picture of the Instax Mini 90 picture), and if you lose the photo, it’s lost forever.

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Wikipedia Shut My User:HighTechDad Page Down. Fast.

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I have all respect for Wikipedia. I source it in many articles I write and often start my research there. I have always had a desire to have a listing there for HighTechDad but I know how difficult it is to get an un-biased listing. And it is really frowned up if you create or edit your own article. My hope was that some day, some enterprising follower or reader of mine would do it. Both my father and my step-mother have listings.

HighTechDad & Wikipedia icons

I had decided to create a Wikipedia User page (not to be confused with an Article) as I was doing some research on Google Knowledge Graph (part of is spurred on by trying to ensure that my online presence and persona were ready for mobilegeddon – Google’s move to showcase better mobile-friendly sites). I came across an article by Tony Edward on Elite SEM and was starting to follow some of his instructions. I first tried to set up a profile but the site is no longer accepting entries and was in “read-only” mode.

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How To Fix: Billing Problem with Family Member’s Purchase in iOS/Mac OS X

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Just the other day, I tried to update my iOS apps on my iPhone and came across a bit of a cryptic error message. It said: “There is a billing problem with a family member’s previous purchase. Ask the family organizer to update their billing information.” This error occurred on both my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.3 as well as on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.3. So, I set out to attempt to correct. Initially, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be…until I discovered the quick and easy solution, which doesn’t really seem to be documented very well. Hopefully this article clears up some confusion and helps people quickly resolve.

HTD - There is a billing problem with a family member's previous purchase

I have Family Sharing set up for my family for iOS and OS X application, book and music purchases. It’s actually a great feature that allows all members of your family to maintain their own Apple ID account for purchases, have a single billable credit or debit card, and approve (or reject) purchase requests from your children (among a bunch of other things like shared photos and calendaring). Despite some initial confusion setting it up, Family Sharing has been running great with my family. Until I got this error.

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