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You Wouldn’t Believe How Much I Packed Into this Mobile Edge Backpack

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I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to technology. I refuse to throw out cables or connectors and I like having my tech with me at all times. One thing that is critical to me is ensuring that I have a mobile version of my tech horde when I go to work or travel. But this isn’t a trivial matter. There is a lot of stuff that I “need” to bring along. It needs to be organized and protected as well. This is where a good backpack comes in. For the past couple of months, I have been testing out the Mobile Edge Premium Backpack and thus far, it’s been comfortable, convenient and incredibly functional.

HTD Mobile Edge Premium Backpack

I love backpacks and messenger bags. I have a long history testing out different ones and over the years, I have come to find certain features that are essential. However, how you carry your stuff is very personal. Some people like small and lightweight bags while others enjoy large packs with many compartments. I tend to fall into the latter category but it also depends on the travel destination and the required “equipment.” Many years ago, I thought that messenger bags were all the rage and I had some very nice ones that I would load up with all of my gear. However, over the years I found some limitations to that. For starters, the more gadgets I had that I wanted to bring with me (think laptops and tablets), a messenger bag simply wasn’t suited for it. Also, and this is a big one, I was starting to get concerned about weight distribution and ensuring that I wasn’t going to strain my back, especially as the weight of the bag increase. So I moved to having to shoulder straps and the weight better distributed using a backpack.

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How to Prevent Frayed Wires on the MacBook with Juiceboxx

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If you have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, you probably carry your power cord and power “brick” with you everywhere. And, over time, you wind and wrap up your cords in a variety of ways. But, even with the amazing design coming from Apple, the MacBook and MacBook Pro cords still suffer from dangerous fraying of wires which can short out and be potentially hazardous. Juiceboxx, however, has got you covered with a simple yet helpful cover and cord-wrap which is designed to prevent cord fraying. (Scroll to the end for a 10% off promocode too!)

HTD Juiceboxx in box

While I like to think that I’m a creative guy and a DIYer, I’m not that good of a designer. I thought that I had developed a really creative and innovative way to wrap my MacBook Pro cord…but I got some pretty funny reponses saying how rediculous my idea was. So I just chalked it up as just an experiment. Luckily I can now just use and write about nicely designed fixes and not come up with them.

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Motorola DROID Turbo Gray “Highlights” – Eliminating the “Gray”

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I’m starting to get gray hair. I partially blame my kids. Part of it is stress in general. And part of it is from trying to keep up with tech which evolves faster than most people can adapt to. For me, tech is a hobby. I’m our home’s IT person, the person who makes most, if not all, of the tech decisions in and around our home. So, when I hear about new gadgets, I like geeking out on their specs and try to envision what they could do within my family environment. So when I was asked to write about the DROID Turbo by Motorola in Gray Ballistic Nylon, I started thinking about how my family might use it. Oh, and to get this out of the way early, Motorola sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine though, apart from any specs.

HighTechDad looking for grey hairs

So, to circle back on the “gray” “highlights,” something that seems to come naturally to me, the DROID Turbo, which is available at Verizon, has plenty of highlights to talk about. Some of the specs are pretty impressive:Read More

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Turtle Wax ICE Protects & Makes Your Car Look New

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There is something Zen-like about washing and waxing your car. I have always enjoyed doing it because I know I will do it right. Blocking out an hour or two of time to make your vehicle look almost like new gives purpose. And it’s good exercise for your arms if you do it by hand.

HTD Turtle Wax ICE Products

I recently got a great care package from Turtle Wax. It was creatively packaged in a 5-gallon plastic tub and had all of their new product line called Turtle Wax ICE with Smart Shield Technology. While I didn’t use each and every product they sent me, the end result was stellar. Literally, shining like a star.

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Connecting your Garage Door to the Internet with Chamberlain

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Who would have thought how useful and practical it would be to actually have an Internet-enabled garage door opener. It’s actually something that I never truly thought about until I had it. I like to consider myself a bit of a DIY-er so when Chamberlain contacted me about their new Wi-Fi enabled, Internet-Connect and smartphone-ready garage door opener, I was excited to not only install it but test it out.

HTD Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

My current garage door opener wasn’t really that old. I have a heavy older wooden door though and I had to manually hold the close button to ensure that it closed. This, it turns out, was due to some bad wiring with the infrared sensors that prevent the door from closing on people, pets or objects. I actually corrected this wiring issue prior to installing the Chamberlain opener. But still, it was an older (probably over 10 years old) model that was only 1/2 horsepower.

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innerexile glacier iPhone 6 Plus Case Protects & “Heals”

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As with any technology investment, you want to protect that investment. When it comes to the quite expensive Apple iPhone, this is no exception. You must get a protective case. It is most likely a better investment than protection insurance, I feel. A case is not only protective, it can be quite personal. But sometimes, you just want to show the product within the case, and that’s why I liked the innerexile glacier, which not only is a clear, protective case, the company claims that the plastic is “self healing.”

HTD innerexile glacier in package

The plastic used in the innerexile glacier case is resistant to light scratching. I have been using the case for a couple of weeks now and just leave it in my pocket with coins and keys. As of this writing, I cannot see any scratches on the case itself. According to innerexile, the case “heals” itself and can withstand scratches from a 1000g bronze brush.

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Mother’s Day “Digital Tip” – Get Her an Adonit Stylus

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If your Mom or mother figure in your life is a bit tech savvy, is an artist, likes the tradition of using a pencil or pen, or even has an iPad, you may want to consider getting her an Adonit stylus for Mother’s Day. (Heck, you may even want to pick up one for yourself, if you match any of the previous criteria). While it’s true that the iPad launched and still is stylus-free, and even Steve Jobs reportedly was against having a stylus with the iPad, there are enough use cases and a good number of artists, designers and ordinary people like us to warrant the re-birth of the stylus.

HTD Adonit Stylus

Personally, I’m more of a finger-paint-on-my-iPad kind of guy. My drawing talent is worthy of being pinned up on the refrigerator next to pre-school work, and even then, it would blend right in. My wife, on the other hand, likes the feel of using a pen, even if just for clicking items on the iPad screen. And my oldest, 16 year old, daughter actually has quite the knack for digital artistry. Everybody has their own comfort level and usage style, and Adonit has a stylus to accommodate that.

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Enter HighTechDad & Logitech’s “Working” Mom #MothersDay #Giveaway!

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, this is the time you think about Mom and that motherly figure in your life. Logitech came up with a creative campaign to capture four  types of Moms: Fashionista, Working, Athletic and Connected. Obviously there are many more types. And there are plenty of Moms I know who span multiple types. Regardless, if you are looking to celebrate your Mom or the mom-figure in your life, I have a Giveaway for you!

Logitech has provided me with a set of products that they believe match the “Working” mom persona. And, I’m doing a quick Giveaway that will allow the lucky winner to get this set of products just in time for Mother’s Day 2015. Here’s what the set looks like!

HTD & Logitech Mother's Day Giveaway

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