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I’m taking a side-step here away from my usual software and hardware posts to talk about something dear to my heart…selfishly enough, Father’s Day! I already have the best 3 gifts I could ever want, three wonderful daughters! Who could ask for more than that? Not me! So why this post then?

Well, the other things that Dads want are usually something fun (e.g., high tech toys, gadgets, car stuff, music, sports equipment, tools, BBQ stuff…) So, I thought that I would start a list (somewhat personal) of things that I would want! (If you want my mailing address, I would gladly supply it for anything on this list – grin – ). I guess I’m back to my hardware and software posts now!

So, here is my list (which I might add to over the next few days prior to Father’s Day):

  1. New Apple MacBook Pro (with LED display) – this tops my list as being the best “fun” as well as helping me do my TechDad stuff
  2. Apple iPhone – well, as you probably know, I tend to really like Apple products. My Tmobile MDA has been beaten up a bit too much and is showing its age
  3. PicoZ Micro Helicopter – I thought this would be really fun to have either in the office to annoy my coworkers, or at home to play with my kids. If it was at home, I guess I would need to have 4 to keep the kids happy too!
  4. Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX – ok…I do a TON of stuff on PC’s as well, so this looks awesome with great specs! (And I could stop bugging my wife for use of her old Dell)
  5. iTrip Auto Universal Plus – so I won’t get a new car for Father’s Day, but what about something to make the driving experience better? This is nice in that it couples the iTrip with a charger.
  6. Freeloader Solar Charger – never be stuck without juice for your gadgets again (unless you are in a cave or in Antarctica during the dark season). I could charge up my PSP in 2.5 hours when I go camping with the kids!
  7. ANY HD DVD Player – my poor 61″ Sammy (Samsung DLP) is craving some HighDef movie time (as am I)
  8. Electronic Picture Frame – a true HighTechDad would want this to show off pictures of the family. The one I have linked here is one that is at Costco (my favorite store), so when they sell out, the link might not work (but the concept remains)
  9. USB Panic Button – this is more for fun in the office! Think about going on a sales call and saying “Let me fire up our product now,” pulling this baby out and launching a picture of your product. You will definitely be remembered!
  10. Tools, Tools and more Tools – mine Craftsman set is looking a bit worn out and rusty…time for a new, bigger set! Wow, I want the 1470 piece set for $8600!!!

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