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Adobe Fireworks is the lifeblood of many web developers, artists and bloggers so when it stops running, I envision all of these groups running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Recently, I ran into an issue where when I launched Fireworks, it would run through the splash screen, loading extensions and the like but then hang, once it came to drawing the panes and panels of the actual application.

My blogging workflow pretty much came to a standstill and I had to resort to other resources to create images. So, I started digging around to see if I could find a cause and solution. I tried deleting preferences but that didn’t work. I copied the app to another location on my Mac, which then caused Fireworks to update its paths, but that failed as well.

So, with Google being my troubleshooting escalation manager, I went in search of a solution. Buried within the Adobe forums, I found a thread from back in 2011 that talked about my problem exactly (so kudos go out to the forum member there for discussing and finding the solution). The thread talked about a bunch of different things that you can try but I wanted to fine tune it to a solution that actually worked for me. So here is what I uncovered.


How to Fix Fireworks Hanging after Launch

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Some really interesting news floated by today. Flipboard is a pretty interesting iPad app. Be sure to check it out. But you may have some issues hooking up your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds. I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting for Google Voice to be approved. Is your home router hackable? Be sure to read the article and visit your router vendor’s site to see if they have a patch for your router. Beware of autofills on your router, especially Safari. And if you are in SF, your connection may soon get better. Lastly, you really should take a look at the Twitter mood visualization (bottom story).

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Today Apple released a beta version of Safari for both Macs and Pc’s. I was very eager to try it out especially to see if it truly is “the world’s fastest web browser.” Also intriguing is the “coverflow-esque” feature, an eye candy pleaser.


I downloaded the Mac-version beta from Apple and fired up the installer without much further thought. The install was normal and seemed to go without a hitch. Note: you are prompted to restart your Mac after the install so be sure that you save all your docs, etc.

After reboot, I clicked on the Safari icon in my doc, anticipating a glorious new, sexy version of the browser. The icon bounced…and then I got this “glorious” message instead:


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Today I ran into a rather odd issue. All of a sudden, all of my Firefox buttons that were from 3rd party plugins were missing and could not be added via the “customize” option. Very weird!

I did a quick amount of research and saw that other manifestations could include:

  • Bookmarks not saving properly
  • Size and position of the browser windows are not “remembered” on next restart
  • Strange toolbar behavior when relaunching (e.g., changes being lost)

It turns out that your local configuration information is stored in a file called the “localstore.rdf.” Problems like the ones described above happen when this file becomes corrupted. Why this happens, I don’t know.

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