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Which Apple ID to use for iTunes App Store, iMessage, iCloud and Find My iPhone

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Apple’s iOS 7 introduced some confusion when it comes to Apple IDs. But the change was intentional because Apple’s desire was to make iOS much more secure. As part of the upgrade process, iPhone and iPad users are required to set up an iCloud account and associate it with Find my iPhone. This process will (hopefully) cause the number of thefts of iOS devices to decline because people will be required to enter their iCloud password in order to restore their device to factory settings. But this new requirement is causing issues and confusion for many iOS users, new and …

7 Unique Ways my Kids Use the iPhone

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The Apple iPhone is a necessity in our household, at least my kids tell me it is. It seems that the iPhone is practically grafted to the hands of my children as they walk around the house. I almost think that they are going to grow another appendage for them to simply carry it and use their other two hands to do everything else. It’s often a battle to pry it out of their grasp when they go to bed or need to do their homework. And now, with the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5 out in the general …

10 Things Steve Jobs Has Done for Parents

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With Steve Jobs announcing that he will be stepping down as CEO of Apple, I took some time to reflect on how Steve and Apple have impacted my life as a parent, specifically, a “High Tech Dad.” In my household, Apple products reign. Each of my children use Apple laptops or desktops, and each one has either an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano or a combination. My wife and I have iPhones and iPads, my primary laptop is a MacBook Pro. And much of our living room entertainment is driven by an AppleTV. But I wanted to think about how …

10 Ways to Use FaceTime with the iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or Mac That You Might Not Have Thought Of

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If you have a Mac, or an iPhone or now an iPad 2, you probably have heard of FaceTime. This is Apple’s foray into video conferencing but with a heavy consumer focus. FaceTime was first launched with the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch, and then rolled out to the Mac as a beta. Then the Mac version made it into the new App Store that is now on Snow Leopard. And, most recently, the new iPad 2 has it FaceTime built in since the iPad 2 now has forward and rear-facing cameras.