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I absolutely LOVE infographics! I almost view them as a form of art (coupled with some marketing spin). And, I love the iPhone (being pretty much an Apple “fan boy”), ok, well, I love technology in general, obviously. The folks over at NowhereElse.fr (a French technology blog) put together a really GREAT infographic that rounds up all of the iPhone 5 rumors that are floating around out there. With obvious things like having an A5 Processor to really wild options like a Physical Keyboard, the NowhereElse guys have it all included in the infographic. So, I figured I would go through each of these rumors and give them my own prediction.

Here is the NowhereElse infographic on The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup (source is their post here):

(source: http://www.nowhereelse.fr/iphone-5-43523/)

Pretty nice, no? I thought so!

HighTechDad’s Analysis of the Rumors

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I have not had a new car in over 10 years. And, I had always thought that American Cars were lagging behind foreign autos in so many ways: design, styling, features and especially, technology. My perspective has now flipped about 180 degrees, especially around the technology factor. Here’s why…

This is an on-going series about the 2010 Ford Flex. Ford has graciously loaned me a Flex for two weeks in order for me to fully experience not only the car, but also the technology, specifically Microsoft Sync. I have now been driving the Flex for about 3-4 days and am really starting to fall in love. For some background information, this is the first “car review” that I have done. I won’t be reporting on that much of the car itself but more around the brains within it. I thought that before I spend time specifically on the Ford Sync, I would mention some of the other “techy” features that power the Ford Flex and then devote some other article(s) to the Sync.


For starters, here is a bit of information about the 2010 Ford Flex model that I’m driving:

  • Model – Ford Flex SEL
  • Starting MSRP – $31,750
  • Price as tested – $41,555 (w/ SEL-Convenience Package)
  • MPG City/Hwy – 16/22
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