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I will bet you that I can read your mind…even via a blog post. Quick, think of a country (English name only) that starts with the letter “D.” Now take the last letter of that country and think of an animal that starts with that letter. Ok, now take the last letter of that animal, and think of a fruit that starts with that letter. Are you thinking of an…


Interestingly, on every adult that I tested this out on, they had the same answer. And I appeared to be a mind reader! This is just one trick that is in a Klutz book that I have been spending some time with called “The Encyclopedia of Immaturity.”


The word “immaturity” is core here. Just look at the stamp on the cover! “How to Never Grow Up!” This is a book after my heart. It’s something that I’ve been accused of many times. When you are told you are immature, that is usually somewhat negative. However, I like to view it as a positive. As we grow older (and hopefully wiser), we tend to lose sight of that inner child. You know that child…the one that likes to pull pranks on our friends, family or co-workers. (Have you ever switched monitor cables on your co-worker so that their screens are in the wrong order?) Or, it’s that inner child that ensures that magic stays alive and well with your children. For me, it’s tied with laughter and fun.

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Post image for How Apple Should Market the iPhone 10 – with Help from Disney

So there is now a meme going around after the launch of the iPhone 5 with its longer body (now with 5 rows of icons). The meme shows new pictures of the iPhone “10” which shows a huge number of rows of icons.


And there are other ones popping up as well…


So, I was thinking. What better way to showcase the super long iPhone 10 than by using a little Disneyland “magic!” At Disneyland, there is the Haunted Mansion and part of accessing the ride is going in the special room that seems to grow. With that in mind, I present you with my version of the new iPhone 10 ad.

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Post image for Time For Some Fun – My New Site Celebrating Technology Failure –

Last week I decided that I needed a bit more fun in my life, or if you look at it another way, to add some more workload to my already busy day. Since I cover technology all of the time in the form of reviews, how-to’s, fix-it’s and other musings, often with a family spin, I needed a way to “vent” or at least, have a way to express the other side of technology – the side of failure.


I wanted to create a site that people would go to for laughs, so that they would know that they are not alone when their gadgets or gizmos or software or hardware decides to go haywire or simply fail. And, it had to be simple for me to update. So, one night last week, I started searching for a domain that would be easy to remember. “” was taken, or at least it is for sale (anyone want to buy it for me?). But I was able to get ““. Within an hour or so, I owned the domain and was in the process of installing WordPress on it.

For me, blogging software was the easiest way to go when creating a content site. I know how WordPress works, what plugins I like (but I did find some new ones in the process) and found what I hope is a pretty good theme. But this is probably not that interesting for you. So I will skip the details.

What’s important here is that the site is live and it is STARVING for content. I have found some good sources for videos/graphics/stories, but for the most part, I have been the only one scouring the web looking for funny technology failing content. A site needs content in order for it to be alive. The content needs to be relevant and should be engaging to the audience, whether you are writing about the latest kitty litter or the next big advancement in physics. People will come if the content is right. But with old or stale content, you only have search engines to keep you going and with all of the new content created daily, it’s easy to get buried. With fresh content, people come back for more (hopefully).

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This product review is about Nothing. I was lucky enough to receive the prototype today of Nothing, the next version in the Nada product line. I must say that parent company Niente has really done an amazing job distilling the product features from mere thoughts on the paper to the spacey splendor of this release.


I was incredibly thrilled unboxing Nothing. While I was a bit apprehensive as I was doing it, Nothing was in the box, carefully and elegantly presented. It was simply amazing. The designers must have spent countless hours crafting the packaging for Nothing as well as creating Nothing.

After powering Nothing up, I was overwhelmed by its sheer beauty, from the empty spaciousness to the rigid and stylistic blankness of it all.

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Cabbage Patch Babies: Which one is real?

March 16, 2009

My wife reminded me this weekend of a picture we took about 4 years ago of our youngest daughter. I finally got my hands on it. Every time I look at this picture, I smile and laugh. Just as all of my daughters bring me and my wife joy, I hope this picture gives you […]

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These baby videos WILL make you laugh!

September 7, 2007

Just some Friday, YouTube humor to make you laugh…I hope. It’s a bit contagious. Enjoy! With the Wii, no less! Weird cuts on this one but still classic. This one “rips” me up! This one is a bit long…but it makes me hungry! Good thing this kid was strapped down! I had to put this […]

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