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I love Casio. Over the past 15 years, I have had G-Shocks, Waveceptors, Atomic G-Shocks and now a Solar Pathfinder. I guess I’m pretty familiar with the techy-er Casio watches. My previous watch, a Casio Atomic G-Shock pretty much never came off of my wrist. It really never needed to because it was solar power (no battery replacement), atomic (automatically set the time every morning), and rugged and waterproof (to 100 meters). I slept and showered with it on and pretty much never took it off. Until last week.


That is when I received the Casio Pathfinder (model PAG240). I have always liked watches that were big. The Pathfinder is probably has one of the larger faces/body in their collection. And it has to because it actually houses quite a bit of measurement capacity. The primary sensors are:

  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Temperature

Those items alone would be enough to make an outdoorsy person quite happy. But similar to my previous watch, the Pathfinder is solar powered, meaning that its internal battery is charged every time it comes into contact with light. Sunlight charges the battery faster but it can charge on standard inside lighting.

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People have been searching for the Fountain of Youth for ever, the magic elixir that will keep them perpetually young. I hate to disappoint them, there really is no such thing. Youth comes from within, from your soul, your heart and your mind. If you want to be young, you will be. Conversely, you want to be old, your body and brain will act as such. Some people are born as old souls, like my middle daughter. Even as a baby, she would stare at you with a look that said, I already know everything about you. Me, I’m a young soul, a kid at heart.

I will not say whether being an old soul or new soul is better or worse. It is what it is. You just have to be comfortable with whatever soul you have been given. And what I wanted to talk about here was how to refresh that young soul. Many times, people lose touch with their inner spirit, whether it be old or new. Since I don’t understand old souls, I simply cannot say how to refresh them, or even if they need to be refreshed. I can so, however, that young souls can be recharged, re-energized and revitalized. Children epitomize the young soul, even if some are old souls at heart. Children in general are inquisitive, enjoy toys, and simply “like playing with things.” I just asked my youngest daughter, Sally, who is six, why she likes toys. Her answer was simple “because they are fun to play with.” It is this “fun factor” that we often lose as we get older.

So as a young soul that may have an aging body, how do you keep yourself youthful or, heaven forbid, regain your youth? It varies from person to person. I have found my “fountain of youth” though…gadgets. When I get a new device, I embark on a new voyage of discovery. There is a strong attraction to novelty, the unknown and newness that drives people to explore. For me, I feel this every time I unbox a new device. I enjoy exploring every aspect of a gadget, to understand how it works, why it was designed the way it was, and what it can be used for apart from just the obvious.

The funny thing is, kids are born pure, it is only through the acquisition of knowledge that they become jaded, influenced and corrupted. But I believe that the toy appeal remains persistent. For some, it evolves into being utilitarian (e.g., a car is a transportation device). For others, toys become a way to feel the excitement of youth again.

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