Energy Conservation & Caring for the Elderly – 2 Topics of Today with Huge Impacts for Tomorrow

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A few weeks ago, I participated in the Intel “Upgrade Your Life” 2011 summit in Intel’s Santa Clara, CA campus. This was the second year I attended and after both summits, I always managed to walk away with a headache. But, not a “bad” headache by that definition, but a “good” one. Think about when you go for a very hard run or work out for a long time and your muscles hurt and are sore when you are done…it was THAT type of a headache. In about 8 hours, my mind had sucked in so much new information, that …

My Brain was Upgraded at Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life” 2010 Summit

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A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Intel “Upgrade Your Life” 2010 Summit (my announcement) which was a gathering of a variety of technology influencers and bloggers. At this summit, we were introduced to a number of different individuals representing different initiatives within Intel. There were 10 of us invited to participate in some very intimate discussions and conversation related to a variety of aspects of Intel. After the 10 hours of intensive meetings, my brain truly hurt from all of the information that I absorbed.

I’m Participating in Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life” Digital Influencers Summit

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A few months or so ago, I saw an interesting phrase from Intel fly by on Twitter. It was the line “Upgrade Your Life” which I thought was a very creative melding of technology and real life. I was definitely intrigued. To my surprise and pleasure, a few weeks ago, I was invited to attend an all-day summit on June 2nd titled “Upgrade Your Life” on the Intel Hillsboro campus where I would be meeting with several notable technology bloggers and “digital influencers” as well as key Intel staff members in a series of round-table discussions revolving around one’s digital …