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ODOYO Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 Battery Case is Almost Perfect

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A few weeks ago, I published a head-to-head review of four iPhone 5 battery cases (by Mophie, Belkin, MyCharge & XPAL Power). Each of these case+battery solutions had their own advantages (and disadvantages). Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hands on the ODOYO Power+Shell EX iPhone 5 battery case in time for that review, otherwise, it would have been the leader of that pack. The picture above should convey one feature that is entirely unique to this group – a kickstand. That’s right, with this iPhone 5 case/battery solution, there is no need for you to prop your iPhone up manually …

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12 Useful iOS 7 Tricks To Know

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With Apple’s new iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad GM (Golden Master) now available to developers and the release to the general public just around the corner, I wanted to share 12 useful iOS 7 tricks that you probably want to know. I have been reading public information about iOS 7 as well as using the developer beta for a month or so and have learned quite a few things about the dramatically new design. So, while you will still need to become accustomed to the new interface, you might want to also know some other helpful things. #1 – …

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Head-to-Head: 4 iPhone 5 Battery Cases Reviewed – Mophie, Belkin, MyCharge & XPAL Power

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Smartphones these days are big battery consumers. The larger the screen and the more active you are, the more you rely on having a big, hefty battery. There are many smartphones that allow you to simply swap out a used battery with a fully-charged one. The Apple iPhone, unfortunately, is not one where you can easily change a battery on the fly (although you can replace the battery). Luckily, there are now iPhone battery cases that provide protection and some extra juice to get you through the day. This review talks about 4 iPhone 5 battery cases by MyCharge, XPAL …

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How To Easily Remove, Install & Replace an Apple iPhone 4S Battery (Video)

In Apple, Cellular, Consumer Electronics, Fix It, Gadgets, General, Hardware, How To, HTD Tech Tip, iPhone, Mobile, Video by Michael Sheehan15 Comments

I’m such a heavy user of my Apple iPhones that it really seems like about a year after I get one, I’m doing a how-to article on replacing the iPhone’s battery. I now have an iPhone 4S and this past weekend, I replaced the battery. Other smartphone users may scoff at the fact that Apple has made their hardware quite proprietary (e.g., a closed design). Actually, it seems to me that Apple has actually now made it much easier to replace the iPhone 4S battery, especially in comparison to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS process. This article (and video) …

How To Fix a Broken iPhone Home Button – A Free & Easy Software Fix

In Apple, Cellular, Fix It, General, Hardware, How To, HTD Tech Tip, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

Yesterday I received a panicked call from one of my daughters – “Daddy, my iPhone’s home button is broken!” Tears and wailing ensued. But, as with any broken gadget, I was up for the challenge, knowing that I could either replace the iPhone home button myself or figure out some other way to breath a few extra days or weeks of life into her iPhone 4 so that she could still use it. As it turned out, the “temporary” fix (which could be permanent), it quite easy to do and actually a pretty neat function that not too many people …

Apple Posts iOS 6.1 Release – Here’s What’s New & How to Update!

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After releasing iOS 6.1 beta 5 to developers this past weekend, Apple released iOS 6.1 to the public today (Monday Jan 28, 2013). Updates can be obtained directly via your iOS update or via iTunes. You can also download the .ipsw directly from Apple. Details on these processes are below. So what is new in this iOS release? Honestly, there aren’t that many visible features but there are plenty of behind the scenes fixes and updates. Specifically:

iOS Apps & Backups are Hogging Up Your Hard Drive – How To Easily Free Up Disk Space

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I don’t know about you but I am always looking for ways to clear up my laptop’s precious free hard drive space. I have tools that clean caches, temporary files, language files, logs and files in my trash. But I never seem to get ahead of the game. I probably never will but a periodic cleaning is always an important thing to do. One place that I have neglected is one that may seem incredibly obvious to many. It wasn’t to me until I spent some time doing some hard drive cleaning. And this is an area where most cleaning …

Add a 10X Physical Zoom to your iPhone or Smartphone

In Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, General, Hardware, iPhone, Mobile, Opinion, Review by Michael Sheehan9 Comments

Camera phone technology has gotten pretty good over the past few years with some of the cameras on smartphones rivaling digital cameras. In fact, on the photo-sharing site Flickr, the iPhone was the number one camera source. It’s much more convenient to carry one device around (a smartphone) than two (smartphone and digital camera). But sometimes, you really wish that you had a digital camera with a zoom lens. Digital zooms do give you what I call a virtual zoom, can make your image larger, but sometimes the quality isn’t that good. The pixels are interpolated, meaning that the chip …