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We all know that laughing is healthy. It’s good for both the heart and the soul. Well, in the Father’s Day (or should I say Daddy’s Day) Episode #52 (“Laugh Filled Father’s Day“) of the Cast of Dads, we definitely came out very healthy as it was one of the most laughter-filled episodes that we have ever recorded!


This episode was recorded right before Father’s Day and we each talked about plans or lack there of on the day devoted to Dads. We also talked about our Mother’s Day winner giveaway of the Motorola Droid RAZR (so be sure to listen to see if you were the winner)! But the biggest thing about the episode was, as I mentioned, the laughter, but you are going to have to listen to the show to see why we had tears coming from our eyes. Also, be sure to read my annual Daddy’s Day post which this year, focused on why I believe that we should rename Father’s Day to Daddy’s Day.


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Just some Friday, YouTube humor to make you laugh…I hope. It’s a bit contagious.


With the Wii, no less!

Weird cuts on this one but still classic.

This one “rips” me up!

This one is a bit long…but it makes me hungry!

Good thing this kid was strapped down!

I had to put this one in there…this kid can REALLY breakdance!

This baby sounds like Louis Armstrong laughing…

This is another good one…laugh sounds almost like a cat fighting!

This baby is not “forking” around…(sorry, that was bad)