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Post image for HighTechDad’s 2011 Father’s Day Gift Guide – Products I Have Reviewed & Like

Father’s Day is almost upon us and I wouldn’t be doing my part for the Dads out there if I didn’t put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide. Gifts are obviously very personal in nature so I can’t tell you what to get your dad. What I can do, however, is provide some ideas on some things that might make your dad smile a bit more and potentially appeal to the “HighTechDad” inside of him.


I won’t be recommending things that I haven’t actually tried, used, reviewed or have myself. That would, honestly, be quite silly. I might recommend some things that I don’t actually possess but know a lot about, but I simply won’t recommend something I haven’t tried first hand. Also not everything that I reviewed is on this list; some gadgets or electronics are just a bit better than others. In most cases, the items below will be linked to my reviews (check the object title for the link to my review) so that you can get details on just about every gadget on this list. But, since blogging is interactive, I encourage readers to leave a comment recommending some other gadgets or consumer electronics that they think are worth mentioning. And who knows, I might see something there that I actually WANT.

The following products are in no particular order or preference or anything apart from being grouped by price range. Do note, the Amazon price listed is as of the day of the writing this article (6/1/11) and is linked to the Amazon listing of that product (an Affiliate link and yes, I get a couple of pennies with each purchase…but that is what keep this blog running!).

Note: all links within the descriptions below are to reviews that I have done in case you want more details and my thoughts on that particular product.

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The Cast of Dads has been on a bit of a vacation recently – the reality is, we’ve all been so busy that our little “baby” (Cast of Dads) has become a bit neglected. But we promise to get back on track! To get things going again, we actually did do a video podcast at CES 2011. Unfortunately it was only a 3/5ths of the Cast of Dads as Brad Powell and Max Kalehoff were not at the show. But we did have our first guest ever and it was none other than Dave Delaney (a dad as well) of Griffin Technology.


I had never met CC Chapman in person so this was a great tradeshow for me personally. Both Jeff Sass and I were brought to CES by Intel as part of the Intel Advisors program, and consequently, Intel provided us an area to do our podcast. We recorded both a video and audio podcast, both of which you can find below. The post can also be found on the Cast of Dads website.

Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.

The Topics

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This is the Second Part of a Two Part series that hopefully will help you plan out and strategize your next trip to a trade show. In the previous post, I discussed the Pre-Show Planning. It’s important to think about the show well before you get there. If you haven’t read Part One of this post, be sure to take a look at it.


This portion of the article is mainly about what to do AT and AFTER attending a trade show. This part becomes increasingly more subjective as people have different expectations of a show as well as objectives and directives after the show concludes. What I offer below are some ideas to help guide you. I do hope that people will add their own ideas to this post in the comments section.

At the Show Activities

So you made it to your hotel, checked in and unpacked. Hopefully that was without incident. The important thing is that you arrived. This section will be much shorter than the previous one simply because everybody approaches a show differently and each trade show is different as well. You might be going to attend conferences, workshops or breakout sessions and less inclined to visit the vendor booths. Other people might be more interested in doing a booth crawl and talking to vendors directly. With CES, it was all about the booths and a few Press Briefings and Keynotes.

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I’ve been back from CES for a month now (and recently attended MacWorld) and have had time to cobble together a few blog posts about things that I saw at both shows as well as have a tiny bit of time to reflect back on my time there. My general experience at CES was that of being thoroughly overwhelmed, not only by the amount of technology that was being showcased, but also at being at a place and event that was quite new to me. Yes, this was my first CES (but not my first tradeshow) and only my second time in Las Vegas. I learned a lot, especially in terms of how to pack as well as how to strategically approach the show from a “reporting” perspective.


What I will outline in this two-part article are some tips and tools that I found to be useful. Some may be good take away points for you when you plan your next trip to an expo, and others are more insights from my own personal standpoint. Obviously, this is not a de facto list and your mileage may (and probably will) vary.

There are 3 sections to this 2-part article:

  1. Pre-Show Planning (this post)
  2. At the Show Activities (Part 2)
  3. Post-Show Follow-Up (Part 2)

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Congrats Sony, You Have a Winner with the NEX-5 Digital Camera

January 24, 2011

At CES 2011, I was introduced to a fantastic digital camera made by Sony. It’s the NEX-5 and while it is not exactly a Digital SLR camera (I did mistakenly call it that in my video below), it is perhaps the smallest digital camera that has a detachable and interchangeable lens. I have used a […]

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