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Was it something I said or did? Why aren’t you talking to me any more? Did I not do everything you asked? No, I’m not talking about dating here, although, in some way I sort of am. I am talking about being “dumped” by a brand. This is particularly painful if you are a blogger or content creator. Breakups are really hard, especially if you worked diligently to maintain the relationship. When it comes to commitment, you need to think about another word as well – continuity.

I have been very lucky. I have worked with a lot of amazing global brands like Sony, Ford, Intel, AT&T, Trend Micro, IBM (see some of the programs by clicking through the links) and plenty of smaller brands and firms. Some of these were longer-term projects and some were much shorter. Some were with other groups of bloggers or content creators like the Cast of Dads and other groups put together by brands or PR firms.

There is also another set of brands and vendors that I have worked with that are slightly different. These are sort of like the “summer time romances” where they are active for a while and then go away until the next project comes out. They provide me with new products to review from time to time or new experiences to participate in. Some of these brands are LG, Belkin, Microsoft, Logitech, D-Link, Jabra, Honeywell, Hyundai, Klutz, Nintendo, Norelco, and even Apple, among many others.



There is still one thing really irks me though. It’s when these brands go quiet…for a long time. They may come back, but often it is after an extended silence where much of the momentum and excitement that was originally present is lost due to a long period of “inactivity.” Don’t get me wrong though, I place an extremely high value on each and every program that I have participated in (or am currently involved in), regardless of whether they are long or short term.

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I have reviewed and tested a few shavers in my time, and I sort of view a shaver as a commodity. My face simply cannot handle razor blades, so I always go with an electric shaver. I have been shaving this way for years. Well, recently I was approached by the Norelco team to write a review of a shaver that is a bit different in that, it’s an electric shaver for everything below your neckline.


Uh…ok, I said in my briefing. I had never really thought about shaving anything other than my face or neckline.

It’s the oddest thing. I heard a comedian (John Bishop) recently who commented on how as you grow older, the hair moves from the top of your head to other parts of your body, like in your ears, in your nose and on your back. I laughed when I heard that. But upon reflection, I realize that it’s kind of true (although thankfully, my hair is not really thinning). If you want to watch the comedy routine, you can see it here but do note, it is uncensored so might not be appropriate for some audiences.

As the summer months came around, I thought about being shirt-less in a public environment like the pool and (embarrassingly) realized that hairs were starting to sprout on my back. Geez, too much information? Sorry! But this is a reality that many males face. However, there are other use cases where having body hair might not be optimal. For example, if you are cyclist, you will definitely want to consider shaving your legs. This is because if you happen to crash on the road, having hairy legs can actually hinder the healing and can also rip your skin in the crash itself. Can you say “Road Burn?” Let’s also consider the wind resistance. Similarly, competitive swimmers feel that there is an advantage to having a clean-shaven body to make them more streamlined in the water.

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Rev up those Father’s Day gift engines, it’s that time of year again! Yeah, I’m a bit late in getting together my list of products that you might want to consider for your dad for Father’s Day, but you will still have a few days to get those gifts (or write up a nice IOU card). Anyway, this is a gift guide of products that I have reviewed since the last Father’s Day (you can always look back at my 2011 Father’s Day gift guide for ideas as well). I have tested these products out (and may actually be still using them).


So let’s cut straight to the chase here. Here is a chronological listing of products that I have reviewed over the past year, what they are, the price, my overall rating of that product and a link to the full review on And I haven’t included every product that I have reviewed here. There are some items that aren’t quite appropriate for Dads and my car and automobile reviews can all be found here.

Clamcase for iPad

Review:  ClamCase Transforms Your iPad into a Netbook with iOS Benefits

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Post image for BCS Bowl, Super Bowl, and a Deuce NOT in a Bowl – Cast of Dads Podcast #47 “Deuce in the Dryer”

We almost dropped the deuce laughing during some of DaddyBrad’s stories in this episode of Cast of Dads called “Deuce in the Dryer“. It seems like we hit a low about mid podcast, revived ourselves a bit and then ended up back with our minds in the toilet, sort off, at the end of the podcast. But we covered a lot more in this 47th episode. Some interesting types of foods were discussed (with Jeff’s son coming up with a yummy sounding creation for Thanksgiving), but I’m not sure how I feel about a “Krispy Kreme burger”…just the sound of it made my arteries harden.


I feel like the groove is back…we took a few weeks off during the summer but given the range of topics below, I would say that we are doing a pretty good job hitting some of those “crappy” topics that make a dad’s life fun and interesting.

Be sure to listen in. If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.

The Topics

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Norelco’s Mustache Trimmer & SensoTouch 3D Shaver “Shaves the Day” After Movember

December 5, 2011
Thumbnail image for Norelco’s Mustache Trimmer & SensoTouch 3D Shaver “Shaves the Day” After Movember

For the month of November, I grew facial hair. I wasn’t trying to make my wife upset nor prevent my kids from kissing me because I was too scruffy. It was to have a public show of support for Movember. Movember is a movement that was created to raise awareness of various male cancers like […]

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