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SpongeBob SquarePants

With the weather (hopefully) changing for the better (at least out where I live), being good parents, we are pretty much required to get our kids OUT of the house and playing outside. That means, un-plugging from the computer/game console/TV/electronic gadget. But who am I to talk, I’m always plugged in pretty much everywhere I go. So, don’t be like me and stay connected, and DO get your kids outside in the fresh air and using their pent up energy. And when, after the frantic play is over, be ready to serve them lots of snacks and drinks. And then…be ready for them to crash!

After playing outside for a while, my kids usually just want to veg out in front of the TV. That’s great if you are home, but what if you travelling or camping or in a hotel (that has bad channels) or just on a road trip? What do you do? Well, if you are like me, you will fire up some kind of iOS device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and let them “relax” with that. The iPhone or iPad have become such digital baby-sitters, it’s almost embarrassing. But this post is not about plusses or minuses of depending on gadgets to get some reprieve from your kids. Letting them watch some TV shows on them once and a while however, isn’t that bad , in my opinion.

So, back to the subject of this post, the fact that right now on iTunes there is a 2 week sale going on for sales and rentals of Kid TV shows. Just head over to iTunes.com/tv and take a look at some of the cool deals:


My oldest daughter and I went through playing samples of Schoolhouse Rock (they have Vol 1, 2 and 3 on sale for $10.89/each season). Remember those classics? If you grew up around when I did, you pretty much should! So why not pass that on to your kids? It’s a great way to learn some critical learning facts in a fun way.

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I’m not quite sure how any of us made it through any roadtrips alive when we were children. Many of us, like me, didn’t have air conditioning or built-in DVD players. And we sure didn’t have little personal electronic devices that could play movies and TV shows. My kids, on the other hand, each have iPods and they can fire up these mini entertainment systems whenever they want (provided they aren’t glued to it all of the time).

With Summer just around the corner, now is time to start thinking about gearing up for those long road trips or airplane trips. If you have nerves and a willpower of steel and lots of creativity and patience, you can entertain your kids for the entire trip. Or, you can actually get a little bit of a vacation yourself and let them tune out a bit on their iPods.

My youngest daughter who is 6 is madly in love with iCarly and has probably seen every episode at least 3 times each. And, the show has pretty sucked in her older sisters (despite them saying that they aren’t into it). And, SpongeBob SquarePants is a winner among all three of my kids. So when I found out that there was a special going on over at iTunes for some of the 1st season TV shows that are hot among kids, I figured that I would pass it on.

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