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It seems like life got the better of us Cast of Dads. We have been on a bit of a hiatus as we get our crazy lives in order…well, who’s to say that our lives will ever be less hectic or in order for that matter. But we wanted to get together to record an episode right before Thanksgiving. So we pushed aside our busy family and work lives to be sure to get on the digital airwaves together.


I must say though, it really was great to be back in action with the gang. Max and CC recently weathered superstorm  Sandy. And we all are making our Thanksgiving feast plans. And the 30 minutes went by so quickly, we could have kept going another hour or two but we decided to wait until next time.

The Topics

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We almost dropped the deuce laughing during some of DaddyBrad’s stories in this episode of Cast of Dads called “Deuce in the Dryer“. It seems like we hit a low about mid podcast, revived ourselves a bit and then ended up back with our minds in the toilet, sort off, at the end of the podcast. But we covered a lot more in this 47th episode. Some interesting types of foods were discussed (with Jeff’s son coming up with a yummy sounding creation for Thanksgiving), but I’m not sure how I feel about a “Krispy Kreme burger”…just the sound of it made my arteries harden.


I feel like the groove is back…we took a few weeks off during the summer but given the range of topics below, I would say that we are doing a pretty good job hitting some of those “crappy” topics that make a dad’s life fun and interesting.

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The Topics

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Well, the last episode had some gremlins doing a number with CC’s voice. And there is actually now a “missing episode” of Cast of Dads that never even made it to production…the same gremlins were at play. But we recorded Episode #35 “For the Love of Thighs and Breasts just in time for Thanksgiving. So first of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially those around the world who may be away from their families during the holidays. A special wish goes out to the men and women of the Armed Forces who may be away from their friends and family this holiday season.


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We are trying to implement a tiny bit more structure in our podcast but still keep the fluid nature of the conversation flow. But listen for 3 new topics:

  • Parent Tip – we are 5 dads with a bunch of parenting tips so we will highlight noteworthy ones in the podcast
  • News Article of Interest – every week, we will select a news article that is relevant to parenting and discuss it
  • Gadget of the Week – since we are all a bit geeky, we want to highlight some cool gadgets we have played with

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