The 10 Best (and Worst) “Cloud Computing Explained” Videos on YouTube

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Cloud Computing has been around for many, many years now. Ok, at least 5 years using the name “cloud computing.” Ever since this new way of consuming compute, networking, storage and other infrastructure resources got off the ground, no pun intended…well, sort of…people and companies have tried to explain what exactly it is. From the barrage of written definitions “officially” sanctioned by various organizations across the globe, to the mainstream media and marketing monoliths defining the cloud as anything on the Internet, the descriptions and definitions have been flung around like rice at a wedding. The important thing here is …

Apple TV – Uniting Ideas, Technology, Media and Gadgets

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I think that I understand Steve Jobs’ vision of a unified multimedia experience. Apple has been steadily forging ahead creating devices and operating systems that interconnect and work to create a rich, interactive environments. The Apple TV 2 is no different, making the big screen TV the convergence of many connected devices like computers running iTunes, the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. But obviously it goes beyond just networking devices together, it also provides a consolidations and focal point of media from various devices and sources. With the Apple TV as a centralized hub, you can stream media …

Tech News: Windows BSOD, Office 2010, YouTube Pay TV & LCD Lawsuits

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Looks like we all survived Cyber-Monday. Here’s what got my attention this morning: Microsoft looking into Windows ‘black screen of death’ problem “Microsoft says it’s looking into reports that its latest security updates are causing some Windows machines to stop working and display a mostly black screen with no desktop icons, taskbar, sidebar or other elements — seizing up and displaying just a “My Computer” Explorer window, if they’re lucky.” (source: TechFlash) HTD : While patches are always important to install, sometimes they just “go wrong”. It’s impossible to test all of the combinations and permutations of computers hardware/software out …

Crafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

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A few weeks ago, I offered to help our Human Resources department create a “Social Media Policy” for my company. While my company didn’t want to impose draconian restrictions on Social Media, HR felt that some rules did have to be created for the good of both the employer and employee. Our head of HR and I spent some time reviewing some other policies as well as discussing the types of things that we wanted to include and how we wanted to present it. We decided that it was important to have guidelines that were clear, yet we didn’t want …

These baby videos WILL make you laugh!

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Just some Friday, YouTube humor to make you laugh…I hope. It’s a bit contagious. Enjoy! With the Wii, no less! Weird cuts on this one but still classic. This one “rips” me up! This one is a bit long…but it makes me hungry! Good thing this kid was strapped down! I had to put this one in there…this kid can REALLY breakdance! This baby sounds like Louis Armstrong laughing… This is another good one…laugh sounds almost like a cat fighting! This baby is not “forking” around…(sorry, that was bad)