A happy ending to the Apple Support Vicious Circle

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Well, I didn’t think it would happen…but it did. Finally, I was able to talk to someone live…after being on hold for 35 minutes. This time, when I went through the SAME status line, there was an option to talk to a representative. So, I got that option, was on hold then, nicely, pleaded my case to the rep. I have found through experience that if you act calmly and nicely, yet articulate and clearly present your case without yelling or screaming, you have better success (than being belligerent).

The support guy read through the file history…lots of “Ok’s” and “Uh huhs” to no one in particular. (I am wondering if he was reading all of the emails that I had sent…grin!) Then he said that he would talk to a Dispatch person for a while. I was put on hold again.

When he came back, he asked me if I had ever received an extension from the initial Rep who had left me a message. I told him, no…there was no way for a week for me to get ahold of anyone. So, he then said that the display WAS covered under a special case (sounded a bit like he was just B.S.ing me) and that the initial rep should have known that. (Sounds to me like they didn’t expect me to bitch and moan…)

So, bottom line, it was set to be repaired and I should get it back in a week…WHEW! I’m back to NOT being annoyed with Apple (not that I ever truly was…). 

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