Bluetooth Internet Sharing from Windows Mobile 6 to Mac OS 10.4.9

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In the past, there were ways to share your cell phone’s internet connection via Bluetooth on a Mac using the DUN profile on Windows Mobile 5 (sorry for the geek-speak). With the recent introduction of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft removed that profile, thus alienating many Mac users who used to enjoy the Bluetooth tethering/internet sharing (however it sounds like they may add it back). Setting up the DUN script and “modem” was a bit of a painstaking process (which I won’t go into).

However, setting up the connection with WM6 and Mac OS 10.4.9 is actually snap.


Now with Windows Mobile 6, Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) is used. So, if you are on Mac OS 10.4.9, you now have the ability to use a Network Port called “Bluetooth PAN.” Here are the high-level steps you use to enable your Bluetooth Internet Sharing:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and BT discovery on both your WM6 device and your Mac
  2. Set up a Pairing between the two devices
  3. Enable the Bluetooth PAN port under your Mac’s Network Preferences (Network Port Configurations) by clicking the checkbox
  4. Ensure that your devices are “talking together”
  5. Start “Internet Sharing” on your WM6 device and click “Connect”
  6. On your Mac, it is helpful having the “Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar” enabled
  7. On your Mac, from the Bluetooth menu, select “Join Network on [WM6 device]”
  8. That is it! (You should have internet connectivity on your Mac, provided you have good signal on your WM6 device). You can even verify that you got an IP address from your WM6 device by going to Network control panel and selecting Bluetooth PAN. Mine shows a 192.168.0.XXX number.

I hope that works. This is a good tip to know if you travel a lot and don’t want to pay for the expensive hotel internet services. Just plug power into your phone and your laptop, connect and you have “dialup” speeds for no additional costs!

If you have questions, write a comment below. If this works for you, DIGG it!

Don’t forget, you will drain your battery pretty quickly and use a lot of bandwidth from your cellular provider (especially if your internet service has a cap).