Fix it: Cannot Sync iPhone with Any Computer

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Today I received an email with a plea for help from Rav. The contents are as follows:


In desperation I am emailing to you for help or direction.
I cannot connect my iphone to any computer ( used different computers and cables). Was able to do so but I think I downloaded software through installer and since than iphone is @#[email protected]$#. Currently can only charge iphone using AC power or in my car .
am happy to pay for some help as I have been googling for a week to get some help.

Well, first, I don’t have a solution (yet), but I do have some things that you can try to resolve. I decided to make this a blog post in case there are others who have the same problem and any who may have solved it. Second, I don’t charge for the solutions that I provide so hopefully the thanks can be people clicking on my banner ads (grin) or donating gadgets to me (super grin).

Anyway, we need to understand the environment. I have a list of questions that will need to be answered in order to troubleshoot this better.

  1. What version is your iPhone?
  2. Has it been unlocked?
  3. Has it been Jailbroken? (I’m assuming in this case “Yes” because you say that you loaded some software)
  4. What were the 3rd Party Apps that you recently added?
  5. Have you tried both Macs and PCs with iTunes?
  6. What version of iTunes are you using?
  7. Have you tried different cables (You answered “Yes”)
  8. Are you using USB cables only (iPhones won’t sync with Firewire)
  9. When you plug in your iPhone to the computer, does it acknowledge that it is attached (through sound or visual)?
  10. When plugged in to the computer, does your iPhone charge? (I’m assuming not)
  11. Have you tried a Soft Reset? (Hold down the home button and the power button until it restarts and you see the Apple logo showing)
  12. Do you have a full backup of your iPhone from a previous sync (and do you care if you lose anything…I hope not).
  13. Have you tried to put your iPhone in recovery mode (Turn your phone off. Press and Hold the HOME button and plug in your iPhone into your Mac or PC. Continue holding the HOME button until you see a yellow triangle and the text “Please connect to iTunes”. Release the HOME button. Open iTunes, if it isn’t already open and see if it is recognized now. You might be prompted to restore or recover. This may take a bit of time.)

Just add your answers to the comment box of this post and we can go from there. If anyone else has recovered from a similar situation, please drop a comment by as well.

HTD says: Hang in there, we will work through this!