Copy & Paste on iPhone: 2 New Options – Clippy & hClipboard

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This week two pieces of software came out that allows you to “Copy & paste” on the iPhone. About time, right? Well, you can get them, only if you have a jailbroken iPhone. The first one to hit the streets is called “Clippy” and the second, released today, is called “hClipboard.” Both essentially do the same thing: allow you to select, copy and paste text to and from different or the same application. Copy & Paste on iPhone: 2 New Options – Clippy & hClipboard was last modified: January 26th, 2009 by Michael Sheehan

Twitter Begins to Overshadow Digg and Rightfully So!

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We all know about the site Digg, right? It is a place “to discover and share content.” Somebody (or you) submits an article or video or news item into the Digg “community” and if people like it, they increase the story’s popularity by clicking on a “Digg button” which increments a counter. The higher the count of people liking it, or “Diggs”, the higher the story rises on the Digg site. Think of it as a popularity contest. So much so, that if the story you submitted reaches astronomical numbers, the more of a chance that you will get on …

Food Allergies and Girl Scout Cookies

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It’s that time of year again, when pre-teen girls (AND THEIR PARENTS) start playing on the good will of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers as they start peddling their tasty and addictive sugary goodness. Yes, all hail the mighty Girl Scout Cookies sales! This time comes as regularly as the tide and it is upon us all again. I should know, our oldest just got her sales packet, set her sales goals and wants me to help her do her sales pitch. This year I told her she was on her own (sort of, I’m still hitting up my coworkers). …

Review: Green Lasers – Fun, Interesting & Somewhat Legal

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A few months ago, I was approached by a company called TechLasers about doing a review of a green laser product of theirs. Now, I have to admit, I have always thought that lasers ( which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) were incredibly “cool”. Recently they have been made even more famous through TV shows like C.S.I. as they are used to recreate bullet trajectories. Lasers nowadays are in so many different products that we use daily, the most notable being CD/DVD players and bar scanners in supermarkets and stores. If you work at an office, …

MacRumorsLive Gets HACKED Covering Macworld Expo 2009

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This is just plain silly. The MacRumorsLive site ( got hacked only about 25 minutes into them covering the keynote. I took a quick screen capture of when the hack first reared its ugly head: After the tasteless insert of “STEVE JOBS JUST DIED” into the live blogging, things just got progressively worse with a bunch of “hackers” claiming to be from “ebaums world”, “4chan” and other sites and (I believe, taking this from memory). It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it got pretty ugly after a while. Their twitter account was taken over as well. They publicly announced that …

Places to Track the Macworld 2009 Keynote Live

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Below is a list of places that are tracking the Macworld 2009 Keynote: Engadget – Gizmodo – ArsTechnica – (follow updates on Twitter – MacRumors – TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) – (follow updates on Twitter – Macworld – C|net – (note, page will not be live until Keynote starts) iPhoneAlley – Places to Track the Macworld 2009 Keynote Live was last modified: January 6th, 2009 by Michael Sheehan

Ongoing Roundup of Macworld 2009 News, Products, Links, etc.

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I will be at (or currently am at) Macworld 2009 this week. As you can see, they have been waiting for me (GRIN – see picture below).  I’m hoping to visit quite a few vendors and see what new gadgets and technology are being announced. If you are a vendor, please contact me here. I will be on Twitter (@HighTechDad) which is probably the best way to get a hold of me. Rumor Round Up Ongoing Roundup of Macworld 2009 News, Products, Links, etc. was last modified: January 10th, 2009 by Michael Sheehan