Tech News: Windows BSOD, Office 2010, YouTube Pay TV & LCD Lawsuits

Looks like we all survived Cyber-Monday. Here’s what got my attention this morning:

  • Microsoft looking into Windows ‘black screen of death’ problem
    “Microsoft says it’s looking into reports that its latest security updates are causing some Windows machines to stop working and display a mostly black screen with no desktop icons, taskbar, sidebar or other elements — seizing up and displaying just a “My Computer” Explorer window, if they’re lucky.” (source: TechFlash)

    • HTD : While patches are always important to install, sometimes they just “go wrong”. It’s impossible to test all of the combinations and permutations of computers hardware/software out there so it is not surprising that something like this happens. I always recommend installing security patches and most of the time, you are safe to do so. This looks like an exception.
  • Office 2010 confirmed for June 2010 release
    “Late last week, a beta tester pointed out that Microsoft was planning to release its Office 2010 suite in June 2010, according to Fudzilla. Previously Redmond had only been quoted as saying “the first half of 2010” but more recently the company apparently posted the following message on one of the Office 2010 beta webpages: “The final version will be available to the public for purchase in June 2010.” We browsed various Microsoft Office webpages, and even did a search, but we couldn’t find the quote, so we contacted Microsoft directly.” (source: ArsTechnica)

    • HTD: I have been beta testing Office 2010 (press preview version) and associated online Office sites and I must say that this release is looking really solid. It will definitely give Google Docs a run for the money (provided you don’t mind running Silverlight all of the time for the full functionality. There are lots of flavors it will come in, including a free (Office Starter) version that will replace MS Works. Is it worth the upgrade, I’m not sure yet, but they definitely have streamlined the online purchasing process from what I have seen.
  • Google hopes to compete with iTunes, offer pay TV on YouTube
    “Google is reportedly looking to get into the pay-per-episode TV business with YouTube by offering streaming content for purchase via a service that would compete with iTunes downloads. According to Peter Kafka of MediaMemo, multiple sources have indicated that YouTube hopes to offer streaming TV episodes for a fee. The plan would be similar to what Apple already offers with iTunes: a $1.99 cost per episode. Both sides are said to currently be in early negotiations, but are “optimistic” that a deal can be reached.” (source: AppleInsider)

    • HTD: As I have mentioned before, whomever has the best “store” will win. This could be some serious competition for iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and other streaming video services. One can only hope that this will eventually cause the cable and satellite providers to rethink their HORRIBLE pricing model and move towards an a la carte pricing model!
  • Nokia Sues LCD Manufacturers Over Alleged Price Fixing
    “Nokia followed AT&T’s lead by filing a price-fixing lawsuit against Samsung, LG and nine other manufacturers of liquid crystal displays. The suit, which was filed last week in San Francisco, claims the LCD manufacturers colluded to inflate the price of products that were used to make the Finnish manufacturer’s phones from 1996 to at least 2006. Nokia is seeking unspecified damages as well as an injunction to bar the alleged collusion.” (source: GigaOm)

    • HTD: I’m sure this won’t be the last of these types of lawsuits. There are so many hallway deals that are made for everything that collusion is not surprising. Hopefully once these things become more transparent, it will drive prices down more for us lowly consumers!

HTD says: Are these Tech News updates helpful? Please let me know.

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6 Responses

  1. That some relief from the Microsoft that they are now working on the problem of black screen death and i hope that they are solved this problem in few days,they are also launching new office and that is office10 and it's come after 6 month.

  2. profile of respondents would be of interest for such a specific survey as well. Perhaps a lot of survey respondents might be getting business news on the web as well.

  3. profile of respondents would be of interest for such a specific survey as well. Perhaps a lot of survey respondents might be getting business news on the web as well.

  4. Wow! I never thought that windows office 2010 will be released this coming June. Thank you for the update.

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