Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Video Gaming – Ballerina Style!

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People play video games in all sorts of ways. And there are many gaming consoles and devices available to use for it. As a parent, it’s a fine line to walk when it comes to your kids playing video games. When the weather is nice, how do you pry them away from the game controllers and get outside and enjoy the fresh air? It’s easy when the weather is bad, but not when it is sunny and beautiful outside. And, not all games are really appropriate for kids. You have to watch out for the violent ones, and the ones that have interactions with “outsiders” (e.g., the community).

But when friends get together, sometimes video gaming simply is just raw fun. It’s a time to interact, albeit through a device, and have a great time doing it. And kids can bond even beyond just the gaming experience.

Just the other day, I caught my daughter and her friend playing the Sony PlayStation, specifically, Little Big Planet 2 – which is by far the favorite of my kids in our house – with a unique style of gaming.


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Both my daughter (on the left above) and her friend are dancers. As ballet dancers get more experienced, they go “en pointe” which is where they dance on the tips of their ballet shoes. These shoes are specialized (and expensive) and are reinforced which helps dancers remain on their toes for longer periods of time. Dancing en pointe can be painful and is not recommended for dancers under the age of 12 as their feet are still in a formative state and the bones still growing. Professional ballet dancers will go through pointe shows in a matter of weeks if not faster.


I’m personally not sure if I have ever heard of anyone playing video games while wearing pointe shoes (I don’t think I will be trying it out – my wife calls them “torture devices”) but it definitely does add a level of challenge to the whole gaming experience!

What is the most unique way that you have played a video game?

HTD says: This is a new definition for “game gear” if you ask me!

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