“Remembering the First Time” – Cast of Dads Podcast #49 – March Madness, Expos, Bicycles & Big Wheels

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Well, we cranked up the old podcaster again, this time with less time between episodes. While it may have been just me, I think we all could have used some coffee (or alcohol) to get us really into gear. But still, we always have a great time talking about just about anything that pops into our minds. Episode #49 Remembering the First Time podcast of Cast of Dads is no different.


We ran the gamut of topics, starting with March Madness, spinning through some conferences that some of us attended, robotics, Big Wheels, professional gamblers and what is the best way to remove a red wine stain (the answer, courtesy of my daughter’s science fair project!).

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The Topics

Here are some of the topics we covered in Episode #49:

The Audio

As always, the full podcast is available on CastofDads.com and on iTunes. You can also listen to the podcast below:


Cast of Dads – Episode #49 “Remembering the First Time”.

Requesting Feedback

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