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On Infographics, Cloud and How NOT to Run a Small Business

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Infographics seem to be one of the best ways to convey a message. More often than not, infographics compile industry statistics and tend to tell a compelling story. Some infographics can be complex while others are simply fun to read. One of the reasons for their success is due to their visual nature. As a result of high-resolution smartphones, better computers and easy publication options, we have become a society driven by visuals, whether they be images or video. Facebook has given graphics much more real estate within the news stream. And applications like Instagram, Pinterest and Vine have further …

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Coffee, Conversations and Commerce – The Barista Banter

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There is something to be said about coffee. Not only does it get your brain firing on all cylinders (sometimes over-firing so don’t drink too much), but it also is a conversation starters. In fact, coffee seems to grease the gears of conversation. In recent years, the coffee house has become an “office away from the office” – a casual and loud environment were friends, co-workers, partners and prospects can get together to discuss business or pleasure. Coffee shops are better than bars in many ways. For starters, alcohol does the opposite of caffeine. It can cloud your thoughts and …

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To Boldly Go Where No MSP Has Gone Before

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I’m a big Star Trek fan. I have watched reruns of the original Star Trek series many times over. I liked Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine, and, most obviously, Star Trek The Next Generation. (Oh, and I do recommend the latest Star Trek movie.) Where am I going with this? Ideas evolve. Technology improves. New strategic teams are created. New dynamics are explored. Much the same way that Star Trek has modernized (yet still sticks to the original themes), the Managed Service Provider (MSP) has evolved, deepening its roots. With advances in cloud computing, the Next Generation MSP …

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Is Storage Trendy? Or Just Following a Technology Trend? Top Storage Trends

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Ok, I know. Talking about storage solutions or what the top storage trends are is not exactly the #1 topic on people’s minds. In fact, I would say that we all take storage for granted…that is, until we RUN OUT of storage or a hard drive crashes or our storage solution is incredibly slow. And, many of us simply don’t know the intricacies and complexities that make up today’s storage environments. Storage has evolved. Tremendously. Especially over the past years. When we look at this 1980’s print advertisement, we almost find it comical.

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14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider – Part 2

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In Part 1 of my 2-part series “14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider” I walked you through several important evaluation criteria that you should consider when choosing a cloud provider. The topics covered in Part 1 are: Performance, Breadth of Service Offering, Ease of Use, Price, Support, SLA and Security. Do note that these items are not in any particular order but some do refer to others so be sure to read through both articles. In Part 2 (this article), I add 7 more items to the list of things to consider. It is important to approach …

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14 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider – Part 1

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You should all know by now that the cloud is here to stay. It may be in one form or another and in various flavors (infrastructure, platform or application) and it may not be called “cloud” in a few years, but the concept of on-demand, pay-as-you-go, Internet-delivery, scalable, as-a-service functionality will persist. It’s efficient, it’s cost effective and it is becoming better each and every day. However, when it comes to choosing a cloud provider, there are several things that you or your business should seriously think about before plunking down your credit card and signing up for a service. …

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Resume – Michael Sheehan

DIGITAL and CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIST Senior executive who specializes in architecting and implementing digital and content strategies based on core philosophies of analysis, creation, curation, and dissemination to help companies increase sales, drive thought-leadership, and build brand awareness – all using innovative and unique tactics.

15 Top Cloud Computing Use Cases

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Cloud computing is established. And it has been proven by small and large businesses alike. Over the past 5 or so years, I have seen all types of companies adopting cloud computing as both primary and secondary sets of on-demand compute. Some cloud computing use cases are pretty traditional (e.g., a simple web presence) while others become extremely complex and complete edge-cases (think Netflix). Where do all of these companies fit in with their use of the cloud? I won’t talk to the edge-cases simply because they are often too complex or too niche-oriented (might be an interesting article though…the …

Walking Through IBM’s New iPad Cloud Application

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It’s no surprise that I’m writing about clouds and iPads and applications. If you do a search on my site, you will see that I write about all 3 of these topics, just never at the same time. When I found out that IBM had produced a Cloud application, my interests were sparked for many reasons: 1) I helped produce a cloud management app for the company I work for 2) anything that helps to spread a well thought out explanation of cloud computing is good for the cloud industry as a whole and 3) full disclosure, this article is …

Cloud Means Freedom – Evolution & Revolution

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When you think about earth-bound items, you think of things that are landlocked, tethered to a solid object or constrained by physicality. We, as a species are largely terrestrial, grounded with our feet on the ground and limited by gravity. For centuries if not millennia, humankind has dreamed and endeavored to break away from terra firma and soar beyond what surrounds us, to fly with the birds, to journey off into space and to explore that which we do not know. The spirit of exploration and the quest to understand the unknown propels us as a civilization to move beyond …

5 Cloud Myths Debunked – Understanding the Primary Layers of Cloud Computing

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A few weeks ago, I laid out my predictions for 2012, casting seeds into the wind to see where clouds and businesses may crop up. But there are still skeptics out there, people who believe that cloud computing is just a passing phase or that it really isn’t that much different than traditional infrastructure. Having lived and breathed cloud for over 4 years, I believe that I have seen it all and heard many of the arguments that say that the cloud isn’t really a game changer. So, I thought that I would present a few Cloud Computing Myths or …

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The 10 Best (and Worst) “Cloud Computing Explained” Videos on YouTube

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Cloud Computing has been around for many, many years now. Ok, at least 5 years using the name “cloud computing.” Ever since this new way of consuming compute, networking, storage and other infrastructure resources got off the ground, no pun intended…well, sort of…people and companies have tried to explain what exactly it is. From the barrage of written definitions “officially” sanctioned by various organizations across the globe, to the mainstream media and marketing monoliths defining the cloud as anything on the Internet, the descriptions and definitions have been flung around like rice at a wedding. The important thing here is …

Agile Development & Big Data Management – Perfect for the Cloud

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I’m a firm believer that cloud computing helps companies innovate. It provides resources, services and infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and in less time than it would with a traditional infrastructure rollout. By dramatically reducing internal times to deployment and capital expenditures, businesses are given the ability to iterate more quickly, be more competitive in releasing products and features and get time-to-market timelines to the lowest numbers ever. Similarly, just as critical to businesses as the cloud is, Big Data, development and deployments have rapidly become one of the most sought-after resources and services in near memory. Data …

10 Tips to Help You Understand Your Business Needs Before Focusing on Cloud

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I think that perhaps all of this cloud hype is doing businesses a disservice. It’s everywhere. Even people on the street are talking about how their stuff is “in the cloud.” If you aren’t using cloud, you are behind the times and your technology is old and out of date. Cloud will make your teeth whiter, help your kids get into college and will be the next love of your life. We as consumers and business people are barraged continually about the benefits of cloud computing; after a while we all will cave in. Internal and external pressure will force …

Using Cloud Computing to Test, Develop and Innovate

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Are you using cloud computing yet? If so, that’s great. If not, what is holding you back? Do you know enough about it? Do its capabilities confuse you? Have you not found a good use for it? I would guess that you are using cloud computing without even knowing it. As I work in the cloud industry, I get to see the trends as they happen and what innovative ways people are using the cloud to drive business success. Honestly, I think that developers and companies are only just starting to tap the vast potential of cloud computing. While many …