Understanding your audience is important. Also, Brands, PR Firms, Sponsors and Advertisers need to understand more about who is visiting a site before they engage in hopefully a long-term relationship with a blogger. So to hopefully make things a bit easier for others to understand about HighTechDad.com, I have created this special page that highlights Quantcast metrics from my site.

As of March 2015, according to Quantcast, the HighTechDad audience is:

  • Predominantly male
  • Spans the 18-44 age range
  • 56% earn $50,000 or more, with 11% earning $150,000+
  • 70% attended College or higher, with 22% attending Grad School

What is Quantcast? From their site: “Quantcast Measurement provides free, directly measured traffic and audience composition reports. These reports are Media Ratings Council-accredited, ensuring that your traffic data is both accurate and reliable.” To see my site’s full demographic profile, visit: https://www.quantcast.com/hightechdad.com

Here are some highlights of HighTechDad.com’s demographic breakdown: