For many years, I have acted as an Ambassador, a Technology Influencer and an Advocate for many brands, products and services. When brands are looking for someone to honestly represent their product or service, they need to understand that particular users reach and influence, as well as easily get a feel for what that person does within social media.

I created this page to pull together some of my Social Media footprints. While obviously what we portray on Social Media is merely a curated version of what we want the public to see, I feel that it is important to be able to view it as a whole and not just isolated to one platform or another. However, most people tend to focus on one or a few Social Media platforms (I prefer writing on my blog and Twitter), it is important to be social on many of the primary platforms, whether it is just for sharing or amplifying or asking for/providing help.

HighTechDad’s Social Media Footprints

Below you can find some of my latest shares on various Social Media platforms where I am active. I do hope we can connect on one or more of these!


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