My 10 Essential iPad Applications Thus Far

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Ok, this is another one of “those lists.” And for many people, this list of my top iPad applications is very subjective in nature. What I feel to be a hot application, others may find to be a yawner. And I only have a couple of weeks of experience and a limited budget to form my opinion. But here goes nothing… All logos are the property & copyright of the associated owners. My 10 Essential iPad Applications Thus Far was last modified: May 24th, 2010 by Michael Sheehan

iPhone App “Am I Done?” Answers THAT Exact Question When Your Kids Ask You It

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Part of a parent’s role is to ensure that your kids brush their teeth well, take a shower or bath, clean their rooms, or just simply wash their hands. Most of the time, when you ask your kids to do these tasks, they wave a toothbrush within a few inches of their teeth, splash some water on their bodies or faces calling themselves clean or worst yet, pass their hands briefly under the faucet and say they are washed. And don’t let me even begin with the “have you cleaned your room” question…I truly love what they consider as “clean.” …