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I’m Writing Tech News for You to Steal

In Content Strategy, General, Intel, Opinion, Tech News by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

Yes, you read the title correctly, I am writing tech news articles for you to take, use and put your own name on, and photos and videos as well. Long live plagiarism! While everything that I have said is true, I do think it is important for me to clarify things a bit. The stuff that you are reading here, on is not what I’m telling you to steal. Instead, it is on another site, Intel Free Press. I recently started a new job at Intel, as a Staff Writer for Intel Free Press and Social Media Strategist for …

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What is a Technology Evangelist?

In Cloud, Content Strategy, General, Opinion, Social Media by Michael Sheehan6 Comments

I often get asked by friends, family, acquaintances and recently, companies that I’m interviewing with – what is a Technology Evangelist? While many within the technology space understand the position, it is still relatively unknown within the job marketplace. In fact, when I first started the position almost 6 years ago, it was definitely one of those niche jobs. Fast forward to today and you now see companies embracing directly-named “technology evangelist” positions or at least other names that have similar job qualities and requirements. The most important part of the title is “evangelist” – essentially spreading the gospel. Most …