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PepCom Holiday Spectacular 2018 – HighTechDad Awards for Tech and Gadgets at the Show

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HighTechDad awards for tech companies at the PepCom Holiday Spectacular 2018 media event. These awards reflect a variety of categories for tech and gadgets.

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CDW is NOT a Warehouse, It’s a Services Company & Review of HP Elite Display e231

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A few weeks ago, I was invited on a “red carpet” tour of CDW  The funny thing is, I have always thought of CDW as a catalog and warehouse company. It turns out, my idea was a bit off. Sure, they do have online and print “catalogues” but that was so 90’s. They are transforming more into a services company. And I got a behind the scenes look at how the operation has evolved. Oh, and as part of my tour, I received an HP Elite Display e231 monitor – you can see the review below as well. Located in …

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Your Young Scientist Could Win $25,000 from Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

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If your middle-schooler has an aptitude for science, you might want to consider having them enter the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Not only do they get the opportunity to dive deeper into scientific concepts that they may be interested in, they also have a chance of winning the $25,000 grand prize and claim the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.” If you or you child or student are thinking about entering the Challenge, you better do so soon. The deadline to enter is April 22, 2014. Your Young Scientist Could Win $25,000 from Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist …

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“OnStar? I’d Like to Get a Tour of Detroit!” #ConnectedByOnStar Event

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Now I get it. Now I understand why so many people choose GM vehicles like Buick. It’s because these vehicles come equipped with OnStar. OnStar is like having your own personal, 24×7 co-pilot and concierge on-call.  For the past couple of days, I have been not only immersed within all things OnStar and Buick, but also was able to experience the revitalization efforts underway within The Motor City – Detroit. From visits to secret underground labs to jazz clubs to racing down the streets of Detroit racking up scavenger hunt points, OnStar gave a group of us an experience never …

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Apple WWDC 2013 – HighTechDad’s LiveStream

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In anticipation of the Apple WWDC 2013 event, I thought that I would test out something new by trying to cover some of the event via a live stream. Note, this is completely an experiment. You probably can get faster live stream feeds from some of the other major sites or directly on the WWDC event page (provided you have Safari on a Mac, and iOS device or AppleTV). But for those who want to get my 2 cents on what Apple has to say on today’s event, you can watch my commentary. Apple WWDC 2013 – HighTechDad’s LiveStream was …

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The Front of the Line Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Hollywood is a magical place. It has a 24-hour buzz of excitement, creativity and activity. Most people never get to really understand it unless you “work in the industry.” It’s the place where actors make it (or don’t), where writing comes to life on the screen and where people flock from around the world to experience stardom. Universal Studios Hollywood has captured this excitement and magic and has bottled it up in a theme park – Universal Studios Hollywood. My family just spent an entire day there, and we were treated like movie stars, being able to cut to the …

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Jumping Into January – What I’m Missing & What I’m Not and Why It’s Relevant

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Who would have believed what a busy month January 2013 would be. As is customary for me, I can barely see the end of my nose, the end of the day or the end of an article. How the heck can I look through a month and plan ahead? Honestly, I wish that I had actually planned ahead a bit more as January is looking to be one of those really important months. But “focus” is a key word for me in 2013 so planning will be crucial. I have to make choices, just like everyone else. While I wish …

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Hands-on with the Nintendo Wii U

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This past weekend, my kids and I were invited to a private event hosted by Nintendo to get some hands-on game play with the new Nintendo Wii U, due out on November 18, 2012. When the Nintendo Wii first came out, it was revolutionary. It got gamers out of their seats and active when playing games. You could create your own persona within the game via the Mii profile and characters. It was fun. But over the years, it has started to show its age. It has been moved out of my own entertainment center, replaced with the more powerful …

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Hyundai Does It Right Introducing the new 2013 Santa Fe CUV

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When Hyundai does a new auto introduction, they sure do it right, at least in my book. This past weekend, I was the guest of Hyundai along with several other prominent bloggers and members of the media as we were introduced to the new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) that I believe will have a great appeal to families and a big impact in the auto marketplace. The setting for the introduction was ideal – high in the Park City, UT mountains at the Montage Deer Valley Resort, a stellar resort bolstered by impeccable service and …

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Behind the Scenes: Filming My LG Techorating Home Entertainment Living Room Makeover

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It’s been a few months now since LG contacted me to find out if I was interested in participating in a head-to-head competition with another “daddy blogger.” It wasn’t a challenge of wit or writing or sports (well not really) – it was a challenge to see whose living room could be “techorated” better by a professional technology designer (Janna Robinson). The makeover would be filmed by a professional film crew as well.  LG supplied the technology, the script writing, the coordination, the furniture, the film crew, sound crew, lighting crew, and a bunch of other crews that I don’t …

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Growing a Mustache in November for #Movember (Or in my case – Facial Hair) – Men’s Cancer Awareness

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Facial hair has not really been my big thing. I have sported a goatee a while back and even a “soul patch” but I always ended up shaving it off to the cheers of my wife, parents and even my kids. But for the month of November, I’m getting scruffy again but this time for a cause – to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. I have joined a team over at Movember, a site that is evangelizing and organizing this growing movement, and I hope that you will contribute your support in this effort. …

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How Ford is Saving Teenage Lives, One Person at a Time – “Driving Skills for Life”

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I’m scared. In 1 year, I will have a teenager. In 4 years, I will have a teenage driver. And I have two more daughters after that. Just writing the past few sentences has given me a few more grey hairs. While automobile safety has improved dramatically over the past few years, so have distractions. It’s a leapfrog race to keep drivers safe as gadgets and other things around vie for attention. How many cars have you seen with drivers chatting away on the phone, or worse yet, texting. Taking your eyes off of the road just to read a …

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Energy Conservation & Caring for the Elderly – 2 Topics of Today with Huge Impacts for Tomorrow

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A few weeks ago, I participated in the Intel “Upgrade Your Life” 2011 summit in Intel’s Santa Clara, CA campus. This was the second year I attended and after both summits, I always managed to walk away with a headache. But, not a “bad” headache by that definition, but a “good” one. Think about when you go for a very hard run or work out for a long time and your muscles hurt and are sore when you are done…it was THAT type of a headache. In about 8 hours, my mind had sucked in so much new information, that …

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2/5ths of the Cast of Dads Get Their Brains Upgraded at Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life” 2011 Event

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Last week, 2 of the Cast of Dads had the opportunity to visit Intel in Santa Clara, CA to participate in an annual event called “Upgrade Your Life.” This day-long summit was an opportunity for a variety of influential technology and parenting bloggers to convene to understand some of the initiatives that Intel participates in or drives – something beyond just “the manufacturing of chips.” Last Wednesday, Jeff Sass ( and I got to flip the saying from “Intel Inside” to “Inside Intel” as we learned more from the thought leaders within Intel. Both Jeff and I are part of …