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Cell Phones, Tweens, Texting & Conversations – Child & Family Cellular Safety Thoughts

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If you are a parent of a tween (a pre-teenager), you have probably hit the stage of your child wanting a cell phone. My wife and I broke down (or were gradually worn down) about a year ago with our oldest and she got hers when she was about 10. She wasn’t (and still isn’t) allowed to take it to school and only carries it with her when she goes to her after school activities (although she looks for any excuse possible to carry it!). It’s one of those “coming of age” things. My view of cell phones and children …

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Special Thanks to for the Blogger Spotlight & a Critical Family Service!

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Life360 is a site that deals with ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your assets (people & property). Obviously, this is something very important to me and my wife so as a service on its own, it definitely deserves a thorough discussion. However, in this case, I wanted to mention something else: one of their editors contacted me a few weeks ago because I had been selected to be in their “Blogger Spotlight.” This is the first “profile piece” that I have had the pleasure of participating in and while I have always told my kids that it …