Sunday, July 12, 2020

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The Ripple Effect of Social Media – Get Mobile for More Waves!

We all know the well used imagery of throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples spread out from the center. The same imagery can be applied to social media, I believe. But there are different ways...

Is “Touching” Ok? Hey, I’m Talking about Writing! Cast of Dads Podcast #19

Hope that title grabbed you! The latest episode of the Cast of Dads podcast #19 is now live and is titled "Why Write It When You Can Touch It?" The Cast of Dads discuss the future of the written...

Social Media for the Rest of Us

I heard an interesting statistic today that the smartphone sales accounted for only about 20% of all of the cell phones sold this past quarter. I was actually a bit surprised with that number. I would have thought that...

“Lose The Laptop” in 140 Characters or Less!

The next AT&T Lose The Laptop Challenge is upon me and it is all about Social Media. #LoseTheLaptop For my first article for the Challenge, I’m going to try something different, use only 140 or fewer characters at a...

“Tracking, Texting & Texas” with Cast of Dads Podcast – Episode #13

It’s seems like we at Cast of Dads are always talking about social media and parenting and how at times they are mutually exclusive. Part of my day job is to actually be doing a lot of marketing on...

My Paint & Your Brand Are Eroding – An Open Letter to Honda Motors

Below is a letter to Honda Motors that has been a long time in the making. Please read it and share as you see fit. Thank you for reading! -HTD Dear Honda Motors, I'm writing this open and public letter to...

Locked Out of your Twitter Account? This Trick Might Get You Back In Fast!

Have you ever inadvertently locked yourself out of Twitter because of too many simultaneous logins? Perhaps one of your Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Seesmic is having some issues and repeatedly trying to log you in and out of...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #10 – “Kids Online & How To Do It Right”

In this tenth episode of the Cast of Dads podcast we discussed a very important topic that all parents should seriously be considering, that of educating your children about the various social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This...

Cell Phones, Tweens, Texting & Conversations – Child & Family Cellular Safety Thoughts

If you are a parent of a tween (a pre-teenager), you have probably hit the stage of your child wanting a cell phone. My wife and I broke down (or were gradually worn down) about a year ago with...

Special Thanks to for the Blogger Spotlight & a Critical Family Service!

Life360 is a site that deals with ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your assets (people & property). Obviously, this is something very important to me and my wife so as a service on its own, it...

How to Fix Login & Authentication Issues on TweetDeck after Changing your Password on Twitter

Yesterday, I received a very vague email from Twitter saying that they had reset my password because of some sort of a phishing scam or attack that had taken place off of Twitter. Below is the text of the...

Cast of Dads: Podcast #7 – “We Were ALL Morons!”

We got some great user feedback on some of our previous podcasts that we were geeking out a bit too much. Since we listen to our audience, in this episode, we tried to eliminate most (if not all) of...
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