Tivo Product Management – Are you listening? Kidzone suggestion

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Sometimes I wish that I could become a temporary Product Manager at a variety of different companies…only so that I can get features into products that I use. I have many years of various types of Product Management positions, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to materialize in a company, spec out a product, work with the developers to get a feature created and installed and then reap the benefits of the product? Well, hopefully, I can materialize over in the halls of Tivo to get this feature implemented. Tivo introduced a feature called KidZone in March of …

New WordPress release (version 2.1) and other stuff

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Once again, it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been deep in “geek-dom” mainly related to Cell Phone. My wife’s old Blackberry (7100t) died so I got a Blackberry 8700c off of eBay and she is now up and running on that! It’s a great device actually. My biggest issues was a little trick that I forgot to do when re-flashing the device from a Cingular build to a Tmobile build. You have to delete the vendor.xml file in order for the install script to work. After that, it installs perfectly. I, too, have been very involved with my …

Apple Front Row, Griffin AirclickUSB and Griffin Proxi – Triple Play

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Back in mid-November, 2006, I wrote up how to get Apple’s Front Row to work on older macs using a program and instructions outlined on AndrewEscobar.com. The only disadvantage to the “hack” was that it didn’t magically have a remote control materialize out of the air after installation. The way that I left it on my previous post, I wanted to try Griffin Technology’s AirClickUSB. Well today at the MacWorld Expo, I received one to complete my tests. First impression of the AirClickUSB, it’s small and white and simple. In the package is a 1″x 2″ remote with 5 buttons …

Blackberry 7100t sync issues resolved

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My wife has as Blackberry 7100t and the other day, it just “stopped” synching with the Desktop Manager (4.1). Basically, it would connect and then just hang when trying to do a weekly update. I got on the usual forums (pinstack, blackberryforums, howardforums) and did some futile searching. However I did find that there was recently a new release of the Blackberry Desktop (version 4.2) which seems to have some nice additions to it. I figured that by upgrading to this latest version it would resolve the sync issue… …I was wrong. So, after installing the update (it’s a big …

Way behind on my posts

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Just been way to busy. Here are some highlights of things that I have done: Update my activeCollab site to the latest Release Candidate Fixed my wife’s computer (issues with RAM upgrade and Windows XP) Helped a friend get reconnected on their wireless network Helped another friend get their Powerbook on their wireless network as well as got them off of a non-secured wireless environment Installed Cerberus Helpdesk at work (moving toward production) Created the “second scariest” Halloween decorated house in the neighborhood Cleaned out our garage Moved from Internet Explorer 7 to Maxthon 2 Preview ( Watched my daughter …

Voice call hangups after 4 minutes on Tmobile MDA/HTC Wizard

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I figured that I would post this little bit of mobile phone tweaking for any users who may be searching for a solution to the following issue. Ever since I upgraded my Tmobile MDA to the “latest and greatest” rom (v 2.26), I have been plagued with dropping calls after 4 minutes. It was definitely a bug that I had encountered and it was driving me INSANE! Well, digging through HowardForums, XDA-developers and SBSH’s forums, I believe that I found the solution. I thought that I would share both the commentary on the fix as well as the .CAB file …

The blame game

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Macs rule! Simple, elegant and the stuff just works. Prime example: new digital camera. After our old digital camera died and we purchased a new one, we, of course, wanted to see how well it worked. The test: take a picture and get it off the camera and on to a computer. For the Mac: a matter of minutes with zero configuration needed. iPhoto did it all perfectly The blame game was last modified: September 21st, 2006 by Michael Sheehan


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So, my cellphone, the Sidekick has a new life! This is first, a great gadget! Cell phone, web browsing, instant messenger, camera, PIM…even has games. Well, there has been a lot of anticipation of an upgrade to the OS which brings some nice new enhancements. The biggest one is the ability to run javascript… There has been some discusson on the hiptop forum about who has received the update and when…and the moderators of the forum kept saying that it was completely random. Well someone figured out how to “force” the update to happen. It was a bit of a …