Netvibes & iPhone Compatible at last!

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WOAH! I just reloaded my default home page and there is now a yellow message saying “Netvibes goes mobile! Now, you can check your Netvibes page on your mobile phone or your iPhone at the following address:” and of course I had to see how they implemented it. Well, the quick answer is, AMAZINGLY WELL! [Updated: they now have a post on their internal blog.] This was one of the first sites that I tested out when I first got my iPhone. It is my spring board to all news feeds that I’m interested in. It rendered fine when …

iPhone app: Built-in RSS reader provided by .MAC

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Gee, you learn something new every day. I was playing around with an installed RSS reader from the TappInstaller app and I figured I would see how Safari on the iPhone would react to an RSS feed. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I had read that an RSS reader was being developed, but now I guess it is live. I am not sure when it came out, but it is exclusive to the iPhone only. Now, you can bookmark your feeds, click on feed links and enjoy a nicely developed AJAX feed reader right within Safari on the iPhone. Unfortunately, …

iPhone App: ApolloIM update on its way

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I have reinstalled the Apptapp Installer mentioned in my previous post and it seems to be more stable now (of course I am not monkeying around in the bowels of my directory structure this time). It was updated to version 2.4 as of this writing. There are plenty of new applications now available for install including the first Instant Messaging client that has been released called “ApolloIM”. (I also did see that “SendSong” has been updated and now seems to work for me [“Chocolate Rain” is now one of my ringtones – grin -].) ApolloIM is supposedly in its first …

Mac Hardware: New “smaller” form factor power cord for MacBookPro’s now available

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Apple seems to have quietly released a new MagSafe Power Adapter for the MacBookPro product line. After having no stock in the Apple stores (I know this for a fact since I was looking for one), they now seem to be in stock. It is more in line with the older power adapters and doesn’t have as big of a form factor as the old one. The only way that I knew that one was coming out was from asking an Apple sales person in the San Francisco Apple store a few weeks ago. This is what the old one …

iPhone: Jailbreaking, Application Installing, Playing, Corrupting, Panicking, Resetting and Restoring

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The subject of this post pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. So here are the details. First a little background. I come from a very varied cell-phone history. I was a big Sidekick users but got a bit tired of it because of the closed architecture and the fact that I couldn’t make things “the way I wanted them.” So after a few generations of Sidekicks, I made the leap to Windows Mobile 5 (and then a cooked version of WM6) using the Tmobile MDA. It was a good device. I was pretty quick to “unlock” it, allowing …

iPhone Firmware 1.0.1 released

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With little fanfare, lots of anticipation and a bit of a letdown, the first firmware update from Apple for the iPhone was officially released. It looks like it was primarily a security update with no truly outwardly visible modifications. Details on what was included in the release are below…but first a couple of thoughts. It makes sense to me that this was not the huge feature-filled upgrade that everyone is waiting for. This, in my opinion, was more of a test of the distribution mechanisms (namely iTunes). So, this push was relatively small, I think only a couple of MB. …

What HighTechDad wants for Father’s Day

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I’m taking a side-step here away from my usual software and hardware posts to talk about something dear to my heart…selfishly enough, Father’s Day! I already have the best 3 gifts I could ever want, three wonderful daughters! Who could ask for more than that? Not me! So why this post then? Well, the other things that Dads want are usually something fun (e.g., high tech toys, gadgets, car stuff, music, sports equipment, tools, BBQ stuff…) So, I thought that I would start a list (somewhat personal) of things that I would want! (If you want my mailing address, I …

Issues installing Mac Security Update 2007-004

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I guess I got lazy and did not follow my normal routine of backing up and repairing permissions PRIOR to installing software updates from Apple’s auto updates. So, last night, I simply installed the update from the Software Update program. Well, after rebooting (which took abnormally long – but has been duplicated by others so is expected behavior), I was welcomed with this beautiful alert: My wireless card was dead. I could not launch it. The system extension was not loading. I then thought that I should reinstall the Security Update, but being to lazy to get up from the …

Great MadTV piece – Fun with Apple, Steve Jobs and …

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A friend showed me this YouTube video and I must say that it is one of the more clever MadTV pieces I have ever seen! Fun with Apple, Steve Jobs and I won’t give out the spoiler… Enjoy! Great MadTV piece – Fun with Apple, Steve Jobs and … was last modified: April 2nd, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Quick way to test if you need DST patch

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Ok, you are running out of time!!! Literally! Thanks, Kris, for the comment on my previous post. Here is a site that you can just point your browser to in order to find out if you need to apply a patch for DST or not. It’s really easy to do, trust me. Click here to test! If you are OK, you should get a screen that looks like this: Quick way to test if you need DST patch was last modified: March 9th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Tivo Product Management – Are you listening? Kidzone suggestion

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Sometimes I wish that I could become a temporary Product Manager at a variety of different companies…only so that I can get features into products that I use. I have many years of various types of Product Management positions, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to materialize in a company, spec out a product, work with the developers to get a feature created and installed and then reap the benefits of the product? Well, hopefully, I can materialize over in the halls of Tivo to get this feature implemented. Tivo introduced a feature called KidZone in March of …

Apple Front Row, Griffin AirclickUSB and Griffin Proxi – Triple Play

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Back in mid-November, 2006, I wrote up how to get Apple’s Front Row to work on older macs using a program and instructions outlined on The only disadvantage to the “hack” was that it didn’t magically have a remote control materialize out of the air after installation. The way that I left it on my previous post, I wanted to try Griffin Technology’s AirClickUSB. Well today at the MacWorld Expo, I received one to complete my tests. First impression of the AirClickUSB, it’s small and white and simple. In the package is a 1″x 2″ remote with 5 buttons …

My MacWorld 2007 – SF Predictions

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So, 5 minutes before the Steve Jobs’ Keynote, here are my predictions: – iPhone (PodPhone is what I’m calling it) – Tablet Laptop – 802.11n – new airport extreme following the new protocols My MacWorld 2007 – SF Predictions was last modified: February 26th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Well…that didn’t last long!

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So much for my attempt to write 1 review a day…guess the holiday vacation blew a pretty big hole in that one. I will get back to that when I have time. Recently though, I have been tweaking my Tmoble MDA. I installed a new “cooked” ROM on it. But now (and I’m not sure if it is related), my battery drains incredibly quickly. Just to play it safe, I bought an extended battery which should arrive any day now. Then I think I will play around with some other new “cooked” ROMs that are out there. Haven’t “bricked” my …

Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II)

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Well, I’m making this post from my 12″ Powerbook G4, wirelessly connected to the internet using Ubuntu. Yep, you guessed it, I got the wireless working. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it works. I have have a fully functional, dual-boot, Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Ubuntu 6.10 system. So, here is what I did…and the guides I followed: Step 5 – Getting Wireless Working Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II) was last modified: April 30th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan