My MacWorld 2007 – SF Predictions

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So, 5 minutes before the Steve Jobs’ Keynote, here are my predictions: – iPhone (PodPhone is what I’m calling it) – Tablet Laptop – 802.11n – new airport extreme following the new protocols My MacWorld 2007 – SF Predictions was last modified: February 26th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Well…that didn’t last long!

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So much for my attempt to write 1 review a day…guess the holiday vacation blew a pretty big hole in that one. I will get back to that when I have time. Recently though, I have been tweaking my Tmoble MDA. I installed a new “cooked” ROM on it. But now (and I’m not sure if it is related), my battery drains incredibly quickly. Just to play it safe, I bought an extended battery which should arrive any day now. Then I think I will play around with some other new “cooked” ROMs that are out there. Haven’t “bricked” my …

Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II)

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Well, I’m making this post from my 12″ Powerbook G4, wirelessly connected to the internet using Ubuntu. Yep, you guessed it, I got the wireless working. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it works. I have have a fully functional, dual-boot, Mac OSX 10.4.8 and Ubuntu 6.10 system. So, here is what I did…and the guides I followed: Step 5 – Getting Wireless Working Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part II) was last modified: April 30th, 2007 by Michael Sheehan

Dual-boot: Mac OSX and Ubuntu (Part I)

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OK, I admit it…I was bored. And a bit envious of those Intel-macs that can dual boot to Windows (or run Parallels). So, I figured that I would have some fun with my 12″ Powerbook and set it up to dual boot with my favorite Linux flavor (next to OSX, of course) Ubuntu. Yes, don’t forget, OSX is unix ((Please see this comment for some clarification)) with a lot of great eye candy. So, with Google as my friend, I quickly embarked on this journey this afternoon. I had already installed many different versions of Ubuntu on another machine that …

Way behind on my posts

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Just been way to busy. Here are some highlights of things that I have done: Update my activeCollab site to the latest Release Candidate Fixed my wife’s computer (issues with RAM upgrade and Windows XP) Helped a friend get reconnected on their wireless network Helped another friend get their Powerbook on their wireless network as well as got them off of a non-secured wireless environment Installed Cerberus Helpdesk at work (moving toward production) Created the “second scariest” Halloween decorated house in the neighborhood Cleaned out our garage Moved from Internet Explorer 7 to Maxthon 2 Preview ( Watched my daughter …

Installed the keyboard myself!

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Well, I figured that I would try to save a little bit of $$$ and get some more notches in the tech belt and install the new keyboard on my Powerbook myself. I used the great guides (as previously mentioned) at I definitely recommend them. Anyway, the installation went relatively well, but I had to do it twice (the second time was a lot easier). One thing that was left out of a few of the install guides that I looked at was the fact that on the replacement keyboard, there is some nondescript black tape that should be …

Powerbook unboxing – Part 3

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So, I got my wonderful Powerbook back from Apple Care yesterday. Yes, they fixed the issue of the ALS (Ambient light sensor). Now I’m shopping around for a good local vendor to help install the keyboard that I purchased on eBay. I have found a couple of local candidates and I’m just checking prices now. I would have tried to do this myself, but after reading through the Apple Tech Manual as well as the wonderful guides at, I felt that it might be better to have someone who has the tools and knows what they are doing, to …

Apple Care – Part 4 – back for more repairs (ALS broken)

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Well, I must say that I have been getting to know Apple Care a bit more that I really would have wanted to. Where I last left off, Apple had totally “styled me out” by fixing my case with new parts…however, it looks like they forgot to connect the Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) when they put it all together. For those who don’t know about the ALS, it basically allows certain Powerbooks to have a back light keyboard light up under dark environments (e.g., typing in bed when you are supposed to be sleeping – grin – ). Normally, there …

Apple Care came through with flying colors!

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OK, it looks like the saga is over. Today, I finally received my laptop today (see all of the previous posts). Actually, I was pretty impressed with this round. I shipped the laptop this past Monday, it was received and fixed on the same day (Tuesday) and shipped back on Wednesday. I missed the delivery on Thursday, but today, I got it. And let me tell you, Apple Care really came through! The “unboxing” was the biggest scare…just from remembering last time. However, this time, I was really pleasantly suprised. The first thing that I noticed was that my laptop …

MORE Apple Support madness!!!

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So…the madness continues. After all of the fun as outlined here and here, and thinking that “all was well” when I received the laptop package yesterday…all hopes were shattered when I started reading the form letter in the repair box! The words “RETURN: CUSTOMER DECLINED REPAIR” jumped out at me and I wanted to cry. Quickly booting up my “fixed” laptop, I found that it was not fixed, just as the letter said. I had one hour before they closed to call Apple Care to find out what was going on. I called the numbers listed (800-APL-CARE)…tried the path through …

A happy ending to the Apple Support Vicious Circle

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Well, I didn’t think it would happen…but it did. Finally, I was able to talk to someone live…after being on hold for 35 minutes. This time, when I went through the SAME status line, there was an option to talk to a representative. So, I got that option, was on hold then, nicely, pleaded my case to the rep. I have found through experience that if you act calmly and nicely, yet articulate and clearly present your case without yelling or screaming, you have better success (than being belligerent). The support guy read through the file history…lots of “Ok’s” and …

Stuck in a vicious Apple support circle

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Ok, I just have to vent for a bit here…but first I want to say that I have always loved Macs and Apple computer…I endorse them, support them, fix them and use them. I’m encouraged with their recent decisions, intel chip, dual boot, fun with Parallels, etc. Wish I could get a new Intel-based one….some day. But I digress… Here’s the background of my “hellish” support issue with Apple. I was reading the Apple Support site trying to figure out if one of my 2 G4 laptops were affected by the battery recall (1 yes, 1 no). Then I read …

Bringing life to an old laptop

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More fun in techdom. My wife’s laptop hard drive was filling up…becoming more fragmented…and therefore, slowing down. I decided to give it the gift of a new life. I purchased a 100gig hard drive with a 16mb cache. Installing on a dell is a snap…sorta. My problem was, I didn’t see the adapter that was attached to the old drive, so when I installed it, the system kept saying that there was no drive…grrr. Bringing life to an old laptop was last modified: September 21st, 2006 by Michael Sheehan


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So, my cellphone, the Sidekick has a new life! This is first, a great gadget! Cell phone, web browsing, instant messenger, camera, PIM…even has games. Well, there has been a lot of anticipation of an upgrade to the OS which brings some nice new enhancements. The biggest one is the ability to run javascript… There has been some discusson on the hiptop forum about who has received the update and when…and the moderators of the forum kept saying that it was completely random. Well someone figured out how to “force” the update to happen. It was a bit of a …