How To Get Your iPhone Out of a Recovery or Restore Mode Loop

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I recently got my iPhone 4 and consequently wanted to prepare my iPhone 3GS for my children to use as an “iPod Touch” – iPhone but without the cell service. I have already done this with my original iPhone. Honestly, it is a great way to extend the life of your “retired” iPhones. As I was going through the prep process (e.g., removing all of my work, social media and non-kid friendly apps and adding in lots of games), the iOS 4.0.2 Operating System update came out that fixes the PDF exploit issue. I figured it would be smart to …

Apple’s iTunes App Store Hits the “Terrible 2?s” – On to the “Thirsty 3?s”

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Being a parent of 3 daughters, I well remember the “terrible two’s“. Well, another child that many people play with daily has hit that milestone, the iTunes App Store. As Apple blows out the candles, I thought it important to recognize this event, especially as we move towards the “thirsty three’s“. The iTunes App Store is just starting to assert itself and throw some tantrums in the process. Recently, there have been some malicious developers who are managing to “hack” into some iTunes users’ accounts and charge for other apps. But, it is showing some progress as well. There are …

Do You Know About iTunes U? For Me, It’s Personal!

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I received an interesting piece of news this week from Apple. No it wasn’t about the iPhone 4 nor the iPad. It wasn’t a software or hardware release even. It had to do with iTunes U and it was about passing a milestone. Have you heard of iTunes U? It’s a section within iTunes that is devoted to Education and Learning. With over 250,000 free audio, video, films and other materials, it is a tremendous resource for people desiring to extend their education beyond the classroom. Also, this learning is personal, in that it takes place with your eyes and …

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Pounds Out a MAXI Amount of Quality Sound as an iPod Speaker System

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I’m back with yet another iPhone/iPod speaker review. But wait, before your eyes glaze over, you really should read what I have to say. This time around, I tested out the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini, which is sort of the baby brother of the Zeppelin (which I personally think is a bit too wild looking for my tastes). In my opinion the Zeppelin Mini solidly slides into that little slot of near perfection…as far as iPhone/iPod speaker docks go! The first Zeppelin was, well, shaped like a large Zeppelin blimp. I must say that the design is intriguing, modern …

Summer Road Trip & Travel Essentials: Kids & Family TV Shows on iTunes

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I’m not quite sure how any of us made it through any roadtrips alive when we were children. Many of us, like me, didn’t have air conditioning or built-in DVD players. And we sure didn’t have little personal electronic devices that could play movies and TV shows. My kids, on the other hand, each have iPods and they can fire up these mini entertainment systems whenever they want (provided they aren’t glued to it all of the time). With Summer just around the corner, now is time to start thinking about gearing up for those long road trips or airplane …

My 10 Essential iPad Applications Thus Far

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Ok, this is another one of “those lists.” And for many people, this list of my top iPad applications is very subjective in nature. What I feel to be a hot application, others may find to be a yawner. And I only have a couple of weeks of experience and a limited budget to form my opinion. But here goes nothing… All logos are the property & copyright of the associated owners. My 10 Essential iPad Applications Thus Far was last modified: May 24th, 2010 by Michael Sheehan

iPhone App “Am I Done?” Answers THAT Exact Question When Your Kids Ask You It

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Part of a parent’s role is to ensure that your kids brush their teeth well, take a shower or bath, clean their rooms, or just simply wash their hands. Most of the time, when you ask your kids to do these tasks, they wave a toothbrush within a few inches of their teeth, splash some water on their bodies or faces calling themselves clean or worst yet, pass their hands briefly under the faucet and say they are washed. And don’t let me even begin with the “have you cleaned your room” question…I truly love what they consider as “clean.” …