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I’m Writing Tech News for You to Steal

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Yes, you read the title correctly, I am writing tech news articles for you to take, use and put your own name on, and photos and videos as well. Long live plagiarism! While everything that I have said is true, I do think it is important for me to clarify things a bit. The stuff that you are reading here, on is not what I’m telling you to steal. Instead, it is on another site, Intel Free Press. I recently started a new job at Intel, as a Staff Writer for Intel Free Press and Social Media Strategist for …

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When is a Tablet Not a Tablet? When It’s A Windows 8.1 Pro Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

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I have had my fair share of experience with a variety of tablets ranging from iPads to Samsung 10.1 tablets to a Sony and even a Blackberry Playbook. It seems that manufacturers and developers continue to tweak their interfaces and hardware specifications to hopefully be the one that “sticks” and that everyone gravitates towards. I believe, though, that each of these tablet types have their own particular space in the marketplace. You need to find that one that does the most for you and that does it in the best way possible. I, personally, have balanced my time between iOS …

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HighTechDad’s Father’s Day 2012 Reviewed Gift Buying Guide

In Apple, Cellular, Consumer Electronics, Family, Gadgets, General, Google, Hardware, Intel, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile, Opinion, Parenting, Review, Tablet by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

Rev up those Father’s Day gift engines, it’s that time of year again! Yeah, I’m a bit late in getting together my list of products that you might want to consider for your dad for Father’s Day, but you will still have a few days to get those gifts (or write up a nice IOU card). Anyway, this is a gift guide of products that I have reviewed since the last Father’s Day (you can always look back at my 2011 Father’s Day gift guide for ideas as well). I have tested these products out (and may actually be still …

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Understanding Cloud Security and Mobile Platforms on Digital Nibbles Podcast #6

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You really should track your digital devices, at least according to Ken Westin who is the founder of GadgetTrak. I actually agree with that. In fact, I have been using some other services (Prey Project and Find my iPhone) to do just that. It does look like what Ken’s company has come up with in their GadgetTrak service goes quite a bit beyond that. And Ken goes into the importance of preserving your gadget (smartphone and laptop) security and privacy in the latest episode of Digital Nibbles.  Appropriately taking place on Pi Day (3.14) – which, also is, coincidentally, Albert …

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Guest on Intel’s Digital Nibbles Podcast – Talking about Consumer Clouds

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Recently, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast (sponsored by Intel) called Digital Nibbles and the topic was Consumer Clouds. Digital Nibbles is a podcast that discusses data centers, cloud computing and other topics around big data, DevOps, mobile and IT in the enterprise. As an interesting twist to the traditional corporate subject matter, we turned to consumer clouds, what they are, what they aren’t and how many of us are using them. We also dove into the dangers of many cloud-based services from the standpoint of a parent. Digital Nibbles is co-hosted by Allyson Klein and …

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I’m an Ultrabook Fan – the Speed, Weight, Performance & Design Convinced Me (An #UltrabookDads Video Production)

In CES, Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, General, Hardware, Intel, Microsoft, Opinion, Review, Tech News, Video by Michael Sheehan1 Comment

Remember when netbooks were the “next big thing”? A few years ago, everyone wanted one of these small, compact and seemingly essential computers. But after a few years, the fog lifted from people’s eyes as they realized that the small form factor wasn’t the only thing that people needed. They wanted the best of all worlds, a small, lightweight, portable laptop that is fast and boast solid performance, has stellar battery life and looks slim, sleek and edgy. This new form-factor, based on a reference design from Intel, actually now has a name – Ultrabooks – and you will be hearing more …

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Ultra Giveaway! Win an Ultrabook from Some #UltrabookDads!

In Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, General, Giveaway, Hardware, Intel by Michael Sheehan2 Comments

I’m going to keep this short and sweet since I have already written a bit about Ultrabooks and I’m going to be talking about them more in the coming weeks. So let’s cut to the chase…Jeff Sass (who is a partner in crime on the Cast of Dads podcast as well as a fellow Intel Advisor) and I have been testing out a new line of Windows laptop, specifically, Ultrabooks. Well, the time has come to announce a QUICK but GREAT giveaway, courtesy of Intel, who are the thought leaders behind the Ultrabook concept. There is now a page that lists …

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I’ve Become an Ultrabook Dad!

In Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, General, Hardware, Intel, Review by Michael Sheehan3 Comments

I’m a dad who loves gadgets. That’s part of the reason why I have this site is so that I can share this love and hopefully provide insights and understanding into the complex world of consumer electronics. While I normally go by the nom de plume of “HighTechDad”, I have a new name that I’m going to assign to myself – “UltrabookDad“. Over the next couple of weeks, Jeff Sass and I, are going to be diving into the world of Ultrabooks. What Are Ultrabooks? I’ve Become an Ultrabook Dad! was last modified: December 20th, 2011 by Michael Sheehan

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Energy Conservation & Caring for the Elderly – 2 Topics of Today with Huge Impacts for Tomorrow

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A few weeks ago, I participated in the Intel “Upgrade Your Life” 2011 summit in Intel’s Santa Clara, CA campus. This was the second year I attended and after both summits, I always managed to walk away with a headache. But, not a “bad” headache by that definition, but a “good” one. Think about when you go for a very hard run or work out for a long time and your muscles hurt and are sore when you are done…it was THAT type of a headache. In about 8 hours, my mind had sucked in so much new information, that …

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2/5ths of the Cast of Dads Get Their Brains Upgraded at Intel’s “Upgrade Your Life” 2011 Event

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Last week, 2 of the Cast of Dads had the opportunity to visit Intel in Santa Clara, CA to participate in an annual event called “Upgrade Your Life.” This day-long summit was an opportunity for a variety of influential technology and parenting bloggers to convene to understand some of the initiatives that Intel participates in or drives – something beyond just “the manufacturing of chips.” Last Wednesday, Jeff Sass ( and I got to flip the saying from “Intel Inside” to “Inside Intel” as we learned more from the thought leaders within Intel. Both Jeff and I are part of …

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“Gamecocks to Bull Horns”- 4th Of July Cast of Dads Podcast #43

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Happy 4th of July holiday weekend! Hopefully nobody is actually reading or listening to this podcast during the 3-day weekend and they are out enjoying friends and family. But in case you do take a glance at your computer or listen to the podcast, I wanted to wish you a stellar Independence Day. Let’s also be sure to remember those who fought for our independence in our country, but also those who are fighting for independence around the world. The Cast of Dads were able to get together this week to talk about what we did for Father’s Day as …

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Cloud Computing in Cars? Extending Powerful Compute Cycles to your Phone via the Cloud? Intel Knows How!

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I’m always “in the cloud” with my day job as Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, and all of the rest of the time, I’m working on the HighTechDad side of my life (parenting and technology). Yeah, I sleep once and a while as well. Sometimes, both of these jobs intermingle and that intersection is cloud computing. I first started talking about the cloud over 3.5 years ago as I helped launch GoGrid’s Cloud Infrastructure service; now, working for one of the global leaders in cloud technology, I’m seeing how clouds are moving beyond simply infrastructure and into our daily lives. We …

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Teenage Humor & a Father’s Day Contest – “Weiner, Junk & Tools” – Cast of Dads Podcast #42

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It’s alive! Yes, that’s right, after a bit of a hiatus, the Cast of Dads are back with another action-packed…er…humor packed…uh…informative podcast appropriately titled “Weiner, Junk & Tools“. Being a dad is a busy enough “project” in itself, but then coupling our other “jobs” into the mix and finding time to get the 5 dads together is something that warrants a medal or something. But honestly, we love doing this podcast, and we just had to do one before Father’s Day, especially since we have a really cool Giveaway going on over the next few days! Yes, the giveaway, courtesy …

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Intel(‘s) Take(s) On Tablets & Other Mobility Devices

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Part of being an Intel Advisor is getting insights and information directly from inside Intel. This month’s conference call with Intel and other Intel Advisors was no different and we learned about a hot topic in the Tech industry – the tablet race. Leading our discussion was Mark Miller, director of outbound marketing from Intel’s Netbook and Tablet team. Not only did we learn Mark’s take on tablets and other mobility devices, but also he explained Intel’s vision to take ON tablets and these devices and move the space forward. It was a candid discussion from the get-go. Intel’s mobility …

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Dads are Ready for Summer! Road Trips, Teen Celebrities, Music Madness, Spring Sports & More – Cast of Dads Podcast #41

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The Dads are definitely getting back into the swing of things, finally able to get together to talk about the latest and greatest things happening to us and our families. Obviously, our opinions and advice fly like t-balls in the Spring but you have to listen to the Cast of Dads podcast #41 “Summer is Almost Upon Us” for all of our sagely advice. I just got back from a road trip down to LA (which I will write a bit more about the actual transportation later) where the highlight was not only visiting Disneyland, but also getting to visit …